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Time To Take Charge

We spoke to five women financial planners, each of whom have made a mark for themselves in a field that is traditionally considered a male bastion, fighting biases along the way at various levels

Women Advisors Are Better Listeners And More Empathetic

Women advisors are better listeners and empathetic, says Dilshad Billimoria

Financial Learning Begins At Home

Financial learning begins at home, says Kiran Telang

It Needs A Celebrity Touch To Create The Aha Moment

It needs a celebrity touch to create the aha moment, says Mrin Agarwal

Self-Reliance Is The Most Powerful Attitude For Women To Have

Self reliance is the most powerful attitude for women to have, says Priya Sunder

Fight Self-Doubt And Be Unapologetic About Who You Are

Fight self-doubt and be unapologetic, says Shweta Jain

On A Whirlwind: Women Solo Travellers Chart Their Own Path

More women solo travellers in India are charting their own path for holidays, but while enjoying the picturesque locales, food and culture, it helps to be mindful of what to carry and how to be safe

Goal-Based Investments With Patience Ensures Discipline And Consistency

Financial goals could be overwhelming at times, mainly when the resources are limited, but disciplined investing in the long term has always proved a smart strategy for succes

How To Pick Small-Cap Stocks

If you have a risk-taking spirit and a nose for detail, then small caps are the way to go

It’s Raining Index Funds, But How Do You Choose One?

Index funds help investors earn returns similar to the benchmark, but one should check the tracking error and expense ratio

The Case For Long-Maturity Funds

With the interest rate hike cycle by RBI at its fag end, discussions in the market on the case for investing in long-maturity funds are picking up, but it’s advisable to wait for better visibility



Talk Back

Talk Back

Homebuyer’s Guide To Mumbai

Homebuyer’s Guide To Mumbai

Regulatory Roundup: New Rules and How They Will Impact You

Regulatory changes between January 16 and February 15, 2023, and how they will impact you

Lowest Loan, Highest FD Rates

A look at where you will pay the lowest EMIs for home, car and personal loans, and get the most out of fixed deposits

Planning to Emigrate? Bring Method To The Madness

Emigrating to another country is a big decision and requires a lot of planning. Being methodical can help you nail it

Where Can Investors Find Value in Fixed Income?

Investors can consider short-duration schemes such as ultra-short and short-term funds. For parking funds, one may consider a liquid fund

Asset Allocation Can Limit Portfolio Volatility

Asset allocation ensures that the portfolio remains diversified, and the risk is spread across asset classes, providing an inbuilt downside protection mechanism

#EmbraceEquity To Move Towards Financial Inclusion

Women need to embrace equity as limiting investments to a few asset classes that carry little to no risk can deprive them of wealth-creation opportunities in the long run

Beat Fear To Make A Smart Plan

Faulty planning is often a result of a conservative approach born out of fear and apprehension, and this heady concoction could wreak havoc on one’s financial requirements

Explainer: Small Savings Schemes For Women

Explainer: Small Savings Schemes For Women

Navigating Market Volatility With ETFs

Volatility is the new norm of the market. In the face of rising interest rates, it’s important that investors diversify themselves to balance the risks, and accordingly go for asset allocation.

Budget Highlights Need For Advice

The role of advisors will become more critical once the old regime is phased out as investors will have to choose instruments themselves

Nippon India Small Cap: Long-Term Performer

Nippon India Small Cap: Long-Term Performer

Risk Assessment Holds The Key

When it comes to finances, there cannot be and should not be a ‘one glove fits all’ solution. What could be a highly risky investment for one could form the core of another’s portfolio

Secrets Of Scripophily

It’s like owning a piece of history. Each certificate has its own unique tale, describing the company, the instrument, signatures, vintage vignettes and even the printer’s details

A Life Of Your Own

It takes a lot for a woman to walk off from an unhappy family situation, not just emotionally but also financially. That’s because few women truly strive to achieve financial freedom