About us

We are a personal finance specialist. We empower our readers (print and digital) to make the best use of every rupee so that they can meet their financial goals through clear, comprehensive, credible and current information.

Since our inception in 1998, we have focused on consumer interest and benefits. Over different economic conditions, which posed threats and opportunities, we have remained focused to help you optimize your money to achieve your financial desires.

We are not a stock market magazine, though stocks and mutual funds inevitably form a significant chunk. We are not a business magazine, though the ups and downs of the corporate world will certainly impinge on various aspects of the articles we carry.

Outlook Money is like none other in India; a personal finance specialist. It will help you invest well, borrow wisely and spend smartly. It hopes to be your money manager, covering issues ranging from the best shares to buy (and the ones to sell and run) to the right insurance products for you, from the most attractive savings instruments to products that offer you the best value for money, from clever tax breaks to planning for your retirement.

You will find all of this in an easy to understand language. You won’t need a doctorate in finance to comprehend what we write about. That is a promise we hold very dearly to.