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Oh, To Be 24!

The increased participation of the Gen Z (not just 24-year-olds) in the highly risky direct equity and cryptocurrency markets in the last couple of years fits into their need for experimenting

24 Smart Money Moves

Investing and saving smartly will not only help you build wealth but also put your financial life in order. We give you 24 smart money moves that are easy to follow and can make a qualitative difference

5 Smart Financial Habits You Should Have

Having financial discipline is the bedrock of a healthy financial life. We give you five moves that can help you build sound financial habits

10 Smart Moves To Help You Maintain Investing Hygiene

Simply investing haphazardly is not enough if your aim is to build wealth and meet your financial goals. These moves will help you strategize right

2 Simple Steps To Ensure Financial Protection

Having a life insurance policy can help you safeguard your family, while a health insurance can protect your investments from corrosion due to unexpected setbacks

5 Smart Moves To Make Your Financial Plan Foolproof

It’s important to fix financial goals and work towards them. Ensure you do the numbers to estimate how much you’ll really need to come up with the right strategies that can help you meet those targets

2 Smart Moves That You Shouldn’t Ignore

Having a succession plan is often not prioritised but it can be game changer when it comes to the smooth flow of your assets to your family and loved ones in your absence. Also, having a side hustle can help you boost your income and provide a backup in these uncertain times

Energetic Eight

Meet the Outlook Money team that makes it all happen

How Rules Of Thumb Can Help

Simple guidlines, often referred to as financial rules of thumb, can help investors overcome psychological and practical barriers against investing

Invest Patiently, Don’t Speculate

Market volatility is the norm not an exception. That’s why it is critical to have a goal-based asset allocation plan.



Talk Back

Talk Back

Home Buyer’s Guide To Mumbai

Home Buyer’s Guide To Mumbai

Lowest Loan, Highest FD Rates

Here’s a peek into the cost of loans and fixed deposit (FD) rates offered by various banks as competition to retain and attract new customers gets intense. Banks walk a tightrope as the Reserve Bank of India raised the repo rate to 5.4 per cent in August to calm inflation.

Credit Risk MFs: Is The Worst Over?

Though there have been no major cases of defaults since March 2020, credit risk funds are for those who can stomach the risk that comes with investing in relatively lower rated papers

Fund Review: Nippon India Small Cap And SBI Equity Hybrid

Fund Review: Nippon India Small Cap And SBI Equity Hybrid

Money Lessons This Teacher’s Day

Experiences often become teachers. The experience of Covid-19 pandemic left an indelible mark on people and taught us the importance of managing money. Here are some of them

Alternative Investment Funds Can Give You The Edge You Need

The lure of higher risk-adjusted returns in the market has driven many Indian investors towards alternative investment funds (AIFs) in recent times

Five Things To Focus On Before Investing In MFs

Know which financial goals you need to cater to before selecting a suitable mutual fund scheme. Also, assess the fund closely before investing.

Are You Doing An SIP For The Right Reason?

Many investors look at SIP as a saving tool rather than a tool to create long-term wealth systematically and that’s where the problem lies

What Explains The Aversion To Equities?

Rather than volatility and uncertainty, it is the lack of knowledge and ambiguity about how equities work that make Indians stay away from equities.

No More Wondering When To Buy Low And Sell High

Many Investors strive to decide their entry and exit point in the market with an aim to ‘buy low and sell high’. When the market flashes green with positive developments and stocks start rising, investors look to buy – ‘Herding’ comes into play. Similarly, a market correction could compel investors to sell their investments and realize the losses. Timing the market is easier said than done! So, what could be the solution?

How Can GenZs Secure Their Financial Future?

It is essential to understand the mindset of gen Z to encourage them to secure their financial future.

‘Equity May Offer High Returns But Requires A Lot Of Patience’

While equities may be the best asset class for the Gen Z as they have a longer horizon to invest, they need to understand that the wealth-building process requires time, patience and constant monitoring

Sovereign Gold Bond

Sovereign Gold Bond

What Does Financial Freedom Mean?

In order to achieve financial freedom, one needs to follow the path of goal-based planning. But it is also important to enjoy the journey of life and have a post-retirement plan

Key Things To Know About Thematic Funds

Thematic investments focus on long-term trends rather than specific companies or sectors. As such, the timing is very important when investing in thematic investments or stocks, as the performance keeps changing as per the emerging economic scenario