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Energetic Eight
Energetic Eight
OLM Desk - 31 August 2022

Kundan Kishore

He has been crunching numbers for 15 years and is the team’s go-to expert on stock investing, financial analysis, and equity research. In his spare time, he loves driving and holidaying in the hills

Meghna Maiti

She is a journalist by profession, but feels more like a creative writer. A seasoned cook, she is a spiritual healer in her spare time

Himanshu Thakur

He is the proverbial millennial and his interests lie deeply in technology and crypto. In his spare time, he loves travelling, eating out, and listening to Tame Impala and Drake

Neelanjit Das

He comes from a commerce background, but has a knack for all things technology. He recently discovered his new love for writing, and found meaning in personal finance reporting

Sutirtha Sanyal
He is a wordsmith, and can usually be found chopping, smoothening or air frying stories and headlines. His other interest lies in automotive technology

Praveen Kumar. G

He makes the magazine more relatable with his distinctive and lively designs. In his free time, he researches for the latest smart technology

Nidhi Sinha

She is a compulsive organiser and drives the team up the wall with deadlines and tasks. Books and movies are her best friends in her free time.

Sanjeeb Baruah

He has been a news hack for quite a while. He feels monotony can be a luxury in journalism but loves the thrill. Now, his newfound love for stocks is giving him the adrenaline rush

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