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The Devil Is In The Details

The insured need to follow a three-way approach. They should understand the information in the CIS, not hide facts while buying the policy, and keep all documents updated and handy while making a claim

Lay Claim On Your Health Insurance Rights

Health insurance claims may often be rejected on legitimate grounds, such as the customer hiding key details on medical history or existing ailments, but there are cases in which claims have been denied even when policyholders are not at fault. Though the road is long-winding, there are redressal mechanisms in place to protect the policyholders. In short, there’s nowhere to hide that Pinocchio nose either for the policyholders or insurers when it comes to claim settlement

3 Pillars Of Support On Health Insurance Claims

In the last 6-8 months, Irdai has introduced a set of regulatory changes that promise to resolve issues that previously often led to poor outcomes on health insurance claims

Will The Bull Run Continue In Modi 3.0?

After a decade, a coalition government is back in power. What does that mean for stock market investors?

Always Have A Backup Health Cover

Always Have A Backup Health Cover

Here’s How To Buy A Plot Of Land

Buying a plot of land is a complicated process and varies across states. But the overall process is the same, and typically starts with verifying the legal ownership of the land, preparing the sale deed, paying the sale value and getting the land registered at the sub-registrar’s office after the purchase. Here's how to go about with the process of buying a plot of land.

Old Or New? Which Tax Regime Should You Choose In These 5 Scenarios

The government made the new tax regime the default one from FY2023-24. However, you can still choose between the old and the new tax regime while filing your income tax return. But that would depend on your income slab and the deductions you wish to claim. We help you choose the most suitable tax regime in these five common scenarios

Port, Buy Top-Ups To Tackle Rising Health Premiums In Old Age

Healthcare costs can eat into your retirement corpus, so buying health insurance makes sense. If rising premiums are holding you back from buying a cover, here are some tips to reduce the outgo

Plan With Fixed-Income Funds For Retirement

Fixed-income funds lend stability to your portfolio, have better cash flow visibility, and help preserve capital. They can be used in various stages of planning

Check Earning Potential And Returns Before Exiting Stocks

Check Earning Potential And Returns Before Exiting Stocks

Invest In Liquid MFs For Emergencies

Invest In Liquid MFs For Emergencies

TDS: Tax Deducted At Source

Tax deducted at source (TDS) is one of the main revenue sources for the government. Under the Income-tax Act, 1961, certain individuals or entities are required to deduct TDS for payment made towards salary, professional fees, contract payments, commission, rent and royalty, among others. TDS is also applicable on investments, such as interest earned on fixed deposits, post office deposits, and so on. The rates of TDS are fixed under the Act.

Mistakes To Avoid In The Retirement Planning Stage

Not starting early, not looking at retirement planning holistically and not consulting a financial advisor are among the top mistakes one should avoid

HDFC ERGO & IIT Bombay Combat Mumbai Flooding

HDFC ERGO & IIT Bombay Combat Mumbai Flooding

Value Investing Lessons From Benjamin Graham

A poet, translator, mathematician and financial strategist, Benjamin Graham was all of this and more. But his most signification contribution has been to lay the foundations of an investing strategy that revolved around buying undervalued stocks with strong fundamentals and holding them for the long term. We have used a screening method based on his strategy to recommend a few stocks you may consider

What Makes You Splurge On Food

With increased earnings, people tend to spend more on gourmet experiences. However, spending within your means is essential to stay healthy, both physically and financially

Regulatory Roundup

A few regulatory changes in June 2024, and how they will impact you

Your Guide To Lasting Independence

Financial advisors can help steer your financial life and dreams in the right direction through various ups and downs

Gen AI Lab, Aspiring Zero-Glitch Trading App, Custom Experiences - Unstoppable BlinkX

Gen AI Lab, Aspiring Zero-Glitch Trading App, Custom Experiences - Unstoppable BlinkX

A Leap Into The Future Of Stock Broking

BlinkX’s Managing Director, Gagan Singla, discusses the company’s mission to redefine financial services in India through innovation and reliability. In an exclusive interview with Outlook Money, Gagan, an IIT & IIM, alumnus, elaborates on BlinkX’s ambitious plans to launch India’s first zero-glitch trading app and outlines the strategic approach aimed at revolutionising the financial services industry.

What To Consider When Investing: A Guide To Smart Choices

Higher risk-taking ability doesn’t always translate into more returns, so it is vital to understand the principle of risk-reward ratio and the suitable investment vehicles to drive your portfolio.

Prepare For Emergencies With Mutual Funds

Most investors view mutual funds as growth-oriented. However, in debt funds, you may find a stable companion during challenging times. Build your emergency fund with debt funds.

Often Our Emotions Get The Best Of Us And Lead Us Astray, Says Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely, author and professor of psychology and behavioural economics, at Duke University, North Carolina, the US, studies the irrational ways in which we all behave. In his own words, he “looks at people not from a rational perspective, but from the irrational perspective. We basically ask questions around what we are doing that is not in our long-term best interest”. In an interview with Nidhi Sinha, Editor, Outlook Money, as part of the Wealth Wizards series, he talks about himself, his signature half a beard, how people can deal with irrationality, and the role of emotions like misbelief, trust, and human motivation in how people behave or make decisions. Here are the edited excerpts from the interview.