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A Leap Into The Future Of Stock Broking
A Leap Into The Future Of Stock Broking
OLM Desk - 01 July 2024

BlinkX’s Managing Director, Gagan Singla, discusses the company’s mission to redefine financial services in India through innovation and reliability. In an exclusive interview with Outlook Money, Gagan, an IIT & IIM, alumnus, elaborates on BlinkX’s ambitious plans to launch India’s first zero-glitch trading app and outlines the strategic approach aimed at revolutionising the financial services industry.

How does BlinkX differentiate itself from other low-cost brokerage firms?

At BlinkX, we believe value goes beyond pricing. We are dedicated to transforming customer experience in our fast-evolving industry. Our vision is to establish BlinkX as the India’s premier glitch-free trading app for diverse customers. Our strategy includes robust infrastructure, rigorous testing, proactive glitch management, and continuous innovation.

In collaboration with Google Cloud, we’ve introduced the “Clientech” framework focusing on Servicing, Pricing, Algorithms, and Research (S.P.A.R.) for ongoing innovation. This partnership enhances our digital customer experience through advanced data insights.

Our platform is adaptive, catering to various investment styles with a highly personalised approach. BlinkX Gen-AI Lab develops proprietary AI models, including BlinkX Insights powered by GPT-powered search engine for financial data.

Our commitment to regulatory compliance, backed by 50 years of excellence at JM Financial, ensures institutional-grade service for retail clients. We prioritise customer satisfaction with initiatives like our “No Question Asked Refund Initiative” for unused subscriptions.

In recent years, many low-cost stock broking companies have emerged. How challenging is it to onboard new investors in this competitive landscape?

The current market presents significant growth opportunities for new customer acquisitions. Despite the momentum, innovation in value propositions remains crucial as market penetration is low, leaving ample room for growth.

According to a SEBI report, majority of investors lose money, leading to dormant accounts.*

With our robust research and tailored support, we create a supportive environment for clients to navigate market complexities confidently. Our commitment to delivering value ensures active and thriving investment journeys for our customers.

This approach attracts serious investors and traders seeking a partnership, distinguishing us in a competitive market focused on customer satisfaction and excellence.

How is BlinkX leveraging advanced technologies such as AI/ML to enhance your trading platform’s capabilities and user experience?

At BlinkX Gen-AI Lab, we have developed an advanced finance-aware language model to transform how investors access and interpret financial data. Trained on a wide range of financial data, including structured capital market information and unstructured financial reports, our proprietary AI model powers our platform.

Our innovative approach combines finance-specific and general-purpose datasets to create a unique knowledge graph, revealing new connections. This model supports various Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks like Named Entity Recognition (NER), Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), and Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), providing valuable insights.

These models are integral to our offerings such as the Hyper-Personalised Nudge Engine (HPNE), BlinkX Insights, and in-app customisations. Users can ask specific questions and receive detailed, real-time responses, enabling data-driven, AI-led decision-making to enhance their investment strategies and outcomes.

In our user on-boarding process, we utilise AI/ML models like Liveliness AI, Signature AI, and Document AI to expedite account openings.

You aspire to build a zero-glitch app. How are you planning to achieve this?

We utilise Google Cloud’s robust infrastructure for our platform, ensuring responsiveness and stability even during peak trading periods. This cloud-based solution efficiently manages large data volumes while maintaining high performance, with services replicated across multiple regions for fail-safes and scalability, ensuring uninterrupted service.

To uphold reliability and performance, we prioritise rigorous testing and continuous improvement of our app’s features. Our testing protocols include load, stress, endurance, spike, and volume testing to optimise performance and stability. Regression testing ensures updates do not impact existing features negatively.

We integrate customer feedback directly into our product pipeline, gathering insights through in-app surveys, support tickets, user forums, and direct communication. This feedback is analysed to refine and enhance our platform based on real user experiences and needs, aligning with market demands and fostering community trust.

How are you planning to address the needs of different customer segments?

We cater to diverse customer segments with tailored strategies. Whether Millennials, Gen Z, or seniors, we ensure a seamless experience for all.

For Gen Z investors preferring a DIY approach, our platform offers intuitive features empowering them to manage portfolios independently. The HPNE delivers real-time nudges and insights, aiding informed decision-making without constant human assistance.

Our app supports senior citizens with a dedicated customer experience team providing hands-on assistance. From setup to ongoing advice, we prioritise their comfort and support, ensuring a stress-free investment experience.

Behavioural nudges via the HPNE are central to our strategy across all segments. By analysing behaviours, we offer personalised recommendations that foster positive investment habits, guiding clients through market complexities with confidence.

What is your vision for the next five years?

Our vision for the next five years is to become the preferred choice for investors and traders. We aim to ensure every customer finds value and support when they choose BlinkX, striving to be among the top five players in the industry in terms of customer acquisition and market standing within the next two years. Looking further ahead, our strategic focus includes leveraging Gen-AI and machine learning technologies to provide an unmatched trading experience. We plan to continually enhance our platform’s capabilities, integrating real-time data analytics, personalised investment insights, and advanced risk management tools.

Here is the link of source for reference - https://www.sebi.gov.in/reports-and-statistics/research/jan-2023/study-analysis-of-profit-and-loss-of-individual-traders-dealing-in-equity-fando-segment_67525.html

Disclaimer: The Views are personal and are not part of the Outlook Money Editorial Feature.

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