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The Burden Of Decisions

No investment product comes with a label that might fit your needs, so the choice is yours to make. In fact, the burden of taking decisions falls squarely on investors these days

Delayed Claims Chip Off EPF Popularity? What You Can Do

The Employees’ Provident Fund remains the most popular retirement saving tool for the majority of Indians. Of late, there has been an increase in the number of claim rejections, putting investors in a quandary. We tell you what can lead to such rejections and what you can do to deal with or avoid such a situation

How To Make Sense Of The Gold Rush?

The precious metal has been on an upward rally for the last couple of years due to factors as diverse as geopolitical conflicts, bulk buying by central banks, and hope of rate cuts, of late. The key, therefore, is to invest in gold in a staggered manner

Be Wary Of The Small And Mid Cap Rally

You may include small- and mid-caps in your portfolio for diversification, but understand that they may not replicate last year’s returns and are relatively more volatile

Opt For Liquidity Post-Retirement

Opt For Liquidity Post-Retirement

3 Things To Check Before You Exit Your Policy

If you think that the insurance policy you bought doesn’t quite align with your goals, you may surrender it. But that comes at a cost. Here’s why you should do the calculations

The Future Of Credit Card Usage Experience

Credit card usage is increasing in India, but it’s prudent to manage credit wisely

From Savings To Security: How Indians Are Preparing For Their Sunset Years

The Outlook Money – Toluna Retirement Survey conducted in December-end 2023 threw light on how Indians plan and save for retirement. A growing number of Indians now understand the necessity of retirement planning, and want to enjoy their retirement years with kith and kin

Strategies To Help You Stay Abroad After Studies

More Indians are now going abroad for higher studies with plans to stay and work. But living costs, the lack of job opportunities and the burden of education loans could often pose a problem. Assess the opportunities and be practical before making such a decision

Open NRI Accounts Before Relocating

Open NRI Accounts Before Relocating

What is Liquidity Coverage Ratio?

At the recent monetary policy committee meeting in April 2024, Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das proposed changes in the liquidity coverage ratio framework to successfully meet liquidity risk. LCR is a liquidity requirement for banks to maintain at all times a certain proportion of high-quality liquid assets (HQLA). These assets include cash, reserves with central banks, and central government bonds, which can easily be converted into cash.

Decoding The Market: ETFs vs. Stocks – A Strategic Insight

Explore optimal investment avenues through expert insights on stocks versus ETFs.

The Peter Lynch Guide To Picking Stocks

Investor, fund manager and a best-selling author, all rolled into one—that’s Peter Lynch. His books provide nuggets of practical approach to stock investing. We demystify his investing style to help you implement it when picking stocks. We also have some picks based on his strategy that you may consider

People Are Normal. They Are Sometimes Ignorant But They Are Not Stupid, Says Meir Statman

Meir Statman, the Glenn Klimek Professor of Finance, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, California, is the second generation of behavioural finance experts who refused to label people as “irrational” and instead called them “normal”. In his latest book, A Wealth of Well-Being: A Holistic Approach to Behavioral Finance, he expands the circle of finance to include life well-being and shows how they are inextricably intertwined. As part of an interview series, ‘Wealth Wizards: Money Maestros in conversation with Nidhi Sinha, Editor, Outlook Money’, Statman spoke about his research, and explained concepts through anecdotes that can help you take balanced decisions. Edited excerpts:

ICICI Prudential All Seasons Bond Fund: Worthy Of Its 'All-Season' Name

A review of ICICI Prudential All Seasons Bond Fund

Master Your Own Money Choices

Instead of judging others, have clarity about what you want from your money, where you want to spend it and how you want to feel about it

Here’s How To Install A Solar Panel

The Centre as well as different state governments are providing subsidies to residents for the installation of rooftop solar panels under various central and state government schemes. If you are among the environmentally conscious and want to install solar rooftop panels on your house, here’s how to go about it.

Regulatory Roundup

A few regulatory changes in April, and how they will impact you

Should You Focus On Large-Cap Mutual Funds Now?

Given that many countries are going to polls in 2024 and the ongoing geopolitical and economic undercurrents, markets are likely to be volatile, and large caps can be a natural choice.

How Risk And Return Factors Are Central To Your Portfolio Approach

Your risk appetite and return expectations will determine whether you choose a value or growth approach to building an investment portfolio.

Securing Child’s Future Through Mutual Funds

Empower your child’s dreams with strategic mutual fund investments for education and beyond.

Understand Business And Market Cycles To Capitalise On Them

Business cycle investing offers strategies to thrive amidst economic fluctuations.

Why Investors Shouldn’t Always Go For Best Performing Mutual Fund Scheme

Going after the best-performing mutual fund schemes may not always be the best choice; instead, focus on your risk profile based on age, goals, knowledge, etc.

Essence Of LIFE: Living In Financial Empowerment

A financially empowered life is not just about surviving but embracing a journey towards financial wisdom, which can lead to freedom and security

Hybrid Fund Solution For Equity Benefits With Lower Risk

Hybrid funds offer a decent investment solution for individuals seeking a balanced approach to wealth creation with lower risk as they usually invest inmultiple asset classes

Teach Them Young

Ensuring you build a financial portfolio for your children and inculcate healthy financial habits in them early on can ease your anxiety about parenting