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The Silver Streak

Outlook Money has come a long way since its humble beginnings in the late 90s and constantly reoriented itself, carefully recording the changes in the personal finance space for the benefit of its passionate readers.

Equity Investing: Journey From Exclusivity To Accessibility

Stocks and mutual fund investing have evolved over the years in terms of people’s attitudes, technology, and rules; in the future, it is looking at higher personalisation and innovation.

What Factors Should You Consider When Investing In Stocks?

Before investing, it is critical to determine whether an adverse situation faced by a particular stock or sector is temporary, past track record in down cycles and its management.

What Approach Should You Take To Create An Equity Portfolio?

A well-diversified portfolio should have at most 25-30 stocks, each with a weightage of 3-5 per cent based on the individual's comfort level in the stock.

Is Mutual Fund Or Equity Investing A Sure Shot Way To Get Rich?

Direct equity investment may generate more returns, but it requires special skills. So mutual funds can be of help, as they transfer the task of choosing equities to the fund managers.

How To Ascertain Which Mutual Fund Is Suitable?

Understanding your risk appetite is vital for choosing the right mutual fund scheme because that alone will determine whether you should invest in debt or pure-play equity mutual fund

Will Starting A Mutual Fund SIP Automatically Give High Returns?

Although mutual fund SIPs typically give higher returns than other such investment products in the market, investors can also consider these smart hacks to boost their yield.

Need-Based Insurance To Be The Key Driver In Future

Traditional insurance plans will never be obsolete; instead, they will undergo huge transformations, ushering in convenience, customisation, and need-based policies as the investing landscape matures.

Which Life Insurance Policy To Buy And How Much Cover Should You Opt For?

A robust life insurance policy is the first step in financial planning which can meet your long-term goals like children’s education, needs of your dependents, retirement, etc.

Does It Make Sense To Add Life Insurance Policies In Investment Portfolio?

While the reasons to buy a life insurance policy might vary, these products serve both for financial protection and wealth-building; hence, they could align well with your investment portfolio.

Which One Should You Prioritise, Investing Or Insurance?

While investing creates opportunities for wealth-building, an insurance cover offers much-needed financial protection, and as such, both are vital for your financial well-being in the long run.

Should You Choose Only The Mandatory Auto Insurance Or Add Other Components?

Of the two components of a motor insurance policy, third-party liability cover is mandatory for vehicle registration; however, own damage cover (OD) is optional but essential against diverse threats.

How To Choose The Best Health Insurance Policy?

It is crucial to declare your medical history and current health status to the insurer clearly to ensure a seamless claim process and harness the full benefits of health insurance.

Next Challenge For Banks: The Fine Balance Between Physical And Digital

The banking industry has grown exponentially over the past decades, driven by leading; however, fast internet coupled with emerging technologies is set to accelerate its growth.

What Are The Things To Consider While Using Credit Cards?

When transacting online, share your sensitive data only with a reputed merchant or payment gateway via a safe internet connection on a personal computer or phone.

What’s The Best Way To Maintain A Good Credit Score?

A good credit score can help you get the best loan and credit card offers, while a weak or low credit score will make it hard to get the best deals.

When Is A Good Time To Borrow?

The right time to borrow is when you are ready to borrow and can pay back; however, in a price-sensitive market, interest rates impact how much you can borrow.

Unable To Pay Loan EMIs? Here’s How To Get Rid Of Debt

Avoid loan settlements, as they will remain on record and damage your credit score.

In Search For The Right Financial Advice

Given the risk of significant financial losses while heeding the advice of dubious individuals posing as genuine advisors, regulators have stressed the need for 'proper' channels for investment advisory.

How To Make A 360-Degree Financial Plan?

A holistic financial plan is not just for the individual but also the family, and as such, it should look at life after retirement and how to deal with the transfer of assets post-life.

How To Assess Risk Appetite? Is It Different From Risk Capacity?

Although risk-taking capacity may vary from one individual to another, it is a vital consideration and should be periodically reviewed if there are changes in the circumstances.

Is Financial Planning Meant Only For The Rich?

Financial goals can be sequenced based on the individual’s priority; nevertheless, setting a target is the first step in creating a dashboard to check one’s progress.

How To Know Your Portfolio Performance?

No single investment product can meet all the financial needs of the individual, and therefore, the portfolio must have different products to meet the different goals.

Will The New Tax Regime Encourage Responsible Goal-Based Investments?

The new tax regime will likely encourage more Indians to focus on responsible goal-based investing rather than focusing on a short-term view of tax saving.

How To Choose Between New And Old Tax Regimes?

While that choice may vary, the unwritten rule is to check whether the advantages of the new tax regime outweigh the exemptions and deductions provided under the old regime.

What Are The Key Factors To Ensure Tax Hygiene?

Taxpayers can ensure tax hygiene by following a few critical steps and correctly reporting their income, deductions/exemptions and taxes on income tax returns (ITRs).

Don’t Let Distractions Derail Your Financial Goals, Discipline, Proper Asset Allocation Are Key

Given life’s formidable obstacles every step of the way, investors must stay focused and recalibrate their portfolios with the needs of the time to achieve financial milestones.

Talk Back

Talk Back

5 Money Lessons To Make Your Life Fulfilling

Simple lessons regarding how to handle money can go a long way in ensuring that we reach our financial goals

When And How To Buy Small-Caps And Mid-Caps

As the Nifty 50 soars to new heights, investors are scrambling to capitalise on this bull market. But while everyone is focused on blue-chip stocks, the real gems may lie elsewhere.

No Matter Which Phase Of Life You Are In, Retirement Planning Should Be Among Your Top Priorities

While the easiest approach to retirement planning is to start early, it is never too late to begin the process, provided you have the financial goals in sight and are willing to go the extra mile for help.

6 Blunders You Should Avoid To Achieve Your Investing Goals

Although mutual funds are the best way to accumulate wealth, people often fall for traps like chasing trends and panicking during market volatility; the best results come from consistency and more perspectives.

If Patience Is Your Greatest Ally, Then SIP Is The Way To Building Wealth

Systematic investment plans (SIPs) can be your biggest asset in the journey of wealth creation if you can wait and focus in the face of short-term deviations in the market.

MF Recipe To Healthy Retirement

The average life expectancy in India has doubled since 1950s, and with the rising cost of living, mutual funds could be the medicine to ensure our funds outlive us

Tie Products To Your Needs

If you don’t invest in products suitable to your needs, your retirement goals will remain a dream, regardless of the fancy assets that you acquire

Digital Fraud: What Puts Seniors At Risk From And What They Can Do?

The elderly are more susceptible to digital frauds, but a little awareness and carefulness can keep them safe. Read on to know what can help them

Retirement Planning: 5 Things To Keep In Mind

Estimate how much money you need, how long you need it to last, what purpose is it meant for, how much return you are targeting and how much risk you should take