Transforming Wealth Business Across Borders

Digital Delusions have now shifted to accelerated adoption

Transforming Wealth Business Across Borders
Transforming Wealth Business Across Borders
OLM Desk - 07 September 2021

Across the timeline of the world, all great shifts are driven by challengers, who can question the very thread on first principles. With multi unicorns leading the technology eco-space, a new challenger in the wealth domain is redefining the way wealth business is managed globally.

In 2010, Valuefy was born out of the instinct that Asset/ Wealth managers need a fresh perspective to analyse complex portfolio data against clunky Terminal systems. Two best brains from Analytics (Vivek Singal) and Engineering prowess (Sharad Singh) came together with a mission to bring conflux - Analytics, Technology, and User experience.

Pivoting its product portfolio over the years across the value chain from Asset Managers, Wealth Managers, Private Banks, Valuefy is now set to become a formidable player in Indian, SE Asia, and European Markets with its unique product positioning of “Wealth in a box”.

The world is at a point where every company involved in managing and growing wealth for clients is witnessing their “Wealth management business being recreated from grounds up”. The typical personalised conversation over lunch has moved to zoom virtual rooms without hindrance.

Customers now have more time to look and take control of their wealth, and advisors are talking about more holistic wealth management to serve this burgeoning demand.

The complex operations of wealth managers have lived all through the pandemic by leaning on digital ways. In fact, the digital delusions have now shifted towards an accelerated adoption of front office tools by both advisors and customers. This has led to an upsurge in the demand for automation of back-office functions as wealth firms grapple with having seamless solutions.

And this is just the beginning of the new era or uberisation for wealth management. With technology, rebooted consumer demands, and a credible infrastructure, India is set to see a phenomenal rise in this sector. The new age wealth managers are seeking to be empowered with digital capabilities that will help them to deliver independent advice. They want to handle the most complex portfolio problems and will seek limitless connectivity to venues and customers all at the same time.

Vivek Singal, Co-Founder - Valuefy says, “We want to be the most preferred value driver for the wealth managers, we strive to make their lives better.”

With its recent launch of the “Wealth in the box” framework, available for both India and global markets, it is set to create an RIA tech wave in India similar to the US and become an Asian challenger to the EAM market in Europe.

Speaking with the team, Mr. Sharad Singh, CEO Valuefy said, “WIB (Wealth in a box) simply put, is a wealth infrastructure delivered over the cloud. It is built on an open architecture which can bring connectivity to the ecosystem from multiple sources”.

The key pillars/layers namely data, portfolio, advice, execution, and engagement are the bedrock that starts by providing a smart portfolio management system along with fulfilling the tech gap for wealth managers of all sizes. As they become the challenger to banks, Valuefy is set to propel the market together by providing an exciting workflow for advisors, relationship managers, and customers which is personalised and connected.

Dawn of “technology-driven wealth management” has begun and it will be interesting to see how wealth managers ride this shift to serve “Rebooted customer- looking for hyper personalisation” and changing “Advice- the need for tailor-made” where the smarter ones are embedding technology in the bedrock of the business to make profitable models. It is certain that there will be a winning pack to serve the vibrant organic market and disrupt the incumbents.

The time is here for India to shine in wealth management too and Valuefy is set to take the Indian story globally by playing the role of guiding star for redefining the wealth tech market.


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