6 Ways Content Marketing Can Strengthen Your Income

From affiliate marketing to launching your merchandise, explore ways to increase your income via content creation

6 Ways Content Marketing Can Strengthen Your Income
6 Ways Content Marketing Can Strengthen Your Income
Ashmita Datta - 07 July 2021

Content creation is a full-time job regardless of the niche. The influencers have rendered massive popularity to marketing channels such as social media. As influencers evolve into multi-platform content creators, they rely on content marketing to stay at the top of their niche. Entertainment influencers such as @Kushakapila, @Dollysingh, @ankushbahuguna, and travel influencers such as @shivya, @travellingindian and more, are those who have turned themselves into spectacular content creators. They have set high standards for producing quality content, and they help brands execute exciting campaigns.

Influencers these days are building a virtual community on platforms such as medium, Instagram, Youtube to connect with a like-minded audience. Anyone can upload recorded videos, start writing a blog, or live stream. In addition, they offer exclusive valuable advice, tips, and tricks to extend their fan base. This kind of content marketing has generated opportunities for many to turn content channels such as blogging, vlogging, and podcasting into full-time careers by opening monetisation avenues.

Content that is fun, lucrative, and has viral growth potential can make you earn the buck. But, in a scenario where influencers compete for their followers' attention, how do you stand out? How do you market your content that generates income? Here are six ways content marketing can help you make money.

Lend Your Ads Space to Generate Revenue

If you are an influencer with a large fan following, advertisers will compete for your ad space. High-quality ads which are relevant to your audience are displayed to make your readers click. More relevant ads imply more ad space filled and more money. Provide a space on your website where your audience can engage with promotional messages from other organisations. Do this on channels such as Google AdSense that optimises ad sizes to increase visibility and the likelihood of being clicked. For example, promotional advertisements could be banners, search ads, text links, sponsorships, etc. The result? You earn money.

Affiliate Marketing is Evergreen

According to a source, the U.S affiliate marketing spend will reach $8.2 billion by 2022.

If you have a dedicated fan following, you can make money by selling other people’s products on your blog/website. Affiliate marketing is similar to sales management. First, you promote relevant items on your website with member connect buttons. Then, when visitors arrive on your website, they click on that ‘connect’ button and are diverted to that shipper’s site. As a result, you receive a commission for selling products owned by other companies.

Launch Your Brand of Merchandise

With an extensive fan base, you might be able to make money by launching your line of merchandise, both digital or tangible. For example, selling mugs, eBooks, home décor pieces, white papers, and more can generate revenue with your branding. Offer something your audience can’t resist. Leverage your connections. For instance, to launch a range of personal grooming products, offer exclusive products with a limited supply. Or offer a subscription service that involves particular content for a specific target audience.

Ride the Wave of Shoutouts and Promotional Activities

Before the emergence of Instagram, Shout-outs were popular on Youtube. YouTubers would cross-pollinate their audiences between similar channels or products. But, nowadays, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat rule the roost. They are not just social platforms. They are meeting points for brands to strengthen their efforts to consolidate new audiences.

Influencers engaging in Shout-Out campaigns raise awareness and the number of brand touchpoints. It helps them stay at the top of their audiences’ minds. If you have a solid social media presence, engaging in promotional activities to promote brands/products can pay you handsomely.

Never Miss a Gig

Getting started with a part-time or freelance gig on a platform such as Fiverr allows you to control what you do. It provides flexibility in terms of when and where you work or how much you get paid. The key to a thriving gig is to bring out the best of skills and experiences you have. Platforms such as Fiverr offer content marketing opportunities to freelancers in about any digital creative field.

Making Money is Easier When You Collaborate

Find the top brands and influencers in your industry. Gauge how you can serve them first before asking for anything. Then, like, comment, share their content to build them the way you want someone to do for you. Collaborations work when you create

beneficial relationships with people whose audience aligns with yours. Partner with like-minded influencers who can be your ambassadors and get your content promoted.

Key Takeaways

Content marketing is compelling. You can effectively gauge the ROI when you have a solid fanbase. Then, you can map the possible traffic and convert it. Content marketing is about what the audience expects from you, how you get found and build trust, and how you transform your knowledge into a source of revenue.

The writer is the Senior Content Writer at Voxturr

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