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One Step At A Time

What can really play a role in this entire exercise of prioritising oneself is financial independence. It will make it that much easier to take your own decisions and fight for yourself within family

Women's Equality Is Still Far Away, Says Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu opens up to Outlook Money about her journey, shares her views on women's financial independence and what makes her tick

On The Road To Being A Lakhpati

Life in the rural hinterlands of India is tough, but several self-help groups are trying to make a difference to how rural women earn their livelihoods. The government’s Lakhpati Didi scheme, which found a mention in the Interim Budget speech by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman last month, is another ray of hope for women to start something of their own. Outlook Money spoke to women across five states—Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Chhattisgarh—to understand how they are striving to bring about a change in their lives

Stay A Step Ahead Of Cancer

Breast, cervical, and ovarian cancer are the most common types of cancer that affect women and see the highest number of insurance claims. Prevention and a health cover can help you fight the disease

Stay Invested In The Market As Time Heals All Setback

The road to financial success in the stock market is to stay invested through ups and downs because the one who emerges unruffled by the setbacks is the winner in the end.

You’ll Need About 10 Times Your Current Annual Income In Retirement, Says V. Vaidyanathan

IDFC FIRST Bank has seen remarkable success in 2023, fuelled by impressive financial performance with deposits growing at 40 per cent with its customer-friendly banking initiatives and tools. In an exclusive interview with Nidhi Sinha, editor, Outlook Money, and Suchetana Ray, editor, Outlook Business, the MD and CEO of IDFC FIRST Bank, V. Vaidyanathan, speaks about the importance of retirement planning early in life, the emotions of those concerned and the tools for retirement planning which can provide financial security and peace of mind.

Invest, Reinvent, Rejuvenate

The two-day Outlook Money 40After40 Retirement Expo saw experts speak on a variety of topics on retirement planning, including the need to start early, invest diligently, as well as avoid pitfalls in the market. The expo also focussed on wellness and celebrity perspective on the golden years

What Are Prepaid Transit Instruments?

What Are Prepaid Transit Instruments?

Harnessing the Power Of Both Worlds: Navigating Active And Passive Investing Strategies

Expert Insights on Blending Active and Passive Strategies for Portfolio Resilience

A Guide To Warren Buffett’s Stock Picking Strategy

When it comes to the world of investing, one man shines like a beacon above everybody else—Warren Buffett. Even now in his 90s, his annual letters and address to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders are eagerly awaited by shareholders and others alike. We dwell upon his investing philosophy in the Indian context and pick out a stock from the Nifty 500 list that fulfils his criteria of quantitative screening and shortlist one that you might find want to consider

Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund: A Reliable Long-Distance Hauler

Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund: A Reliable Long-Distance Hauler

Money Plan For Happy Marriage

Money issues can cause immense strife and discord among partners, and fights can get very nasty. Communicate from the very start so that problems don’t crop up later

Regulatory Roundup

Recent changes in the capital markets and insurance, and how they will impact you

Milestones In Women’s Financial Journey

A woman’s touch to the family’s finances can have a multiplier effect, therefore it is important to educate them and encourage their participation

How Can Women Start Their Investment Journey?

Most women have the right behavioral traits to be successful investors, and as we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8, it’s time they play a more active role in everything about finances, from income and spending to investments.

How SWPs Could Provide Regular Cashflows In Retirement

Systematic withdrawal plans (SWPs) of mutual funds can provide regular cashflows, while the remainder of your corpus remains invested for potential growth

Achieving Financial Freedom With SIPs

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) has multiple advantages, from compounding magic, flexibility, and affordability to consistency and focus, which make goals achievable.

Diversifying Wealth: Investing In PMS And AIFs For Sophisticated Investors

PMS and AIFs have distinct features, yet they complement each other, combining expertise and specialised investment opportunities and creating multifaceted benefits for different investors’ needs.

Navigating Business Cycle: A Guide To Strategic Investing

With a business cycle fund, you can tap the opportunities in each phase of the economy’s expansion and contraction to maximise benefits with sophisticated, professionally managed, tailored-made strategies for investors.

Dual Incomes To Dream Retirement: DINK Couple’s Guide

By setting clear retirement goals and managing surplus income with proper investment tools, dual-income no-kid couples or DINKs will be better off financially, mentally, and socially in old age.

Aligning Investments With Goals: A Key To Financial Success

Long-term, goal-based investments always yield better in the distant future over the short term, as they allow you to navigate the market risks more comfortably and reach your financial objectives.