Tips to Make Your Home Monsoon-Ready

Don't forget to protect your home and make it rain-proof as you prepare to welcome this season

Tips to Make Your Home Monsoon-Ready
Tips to Make Your Home Monsoon-Ready
Philip Mathan - 10 September 2021

Are you one of those who enjoy the rain while being curled up at home? But did you also know, along with this weather comes moisture that can cause dampness and pest issues in your home? While you get ready to welcome this season, do not forget to secure your house and make it rain-proof. After all, your home is your place of comfort. So, here are few tips from experts at Commonfloor to help you make your home monsoon-ready:

Waterproof your home: First things first, clear up any clogs or cracks in the terrace, broken or blocked drainage pipes, and damaged plastering on the walls to avoid any water stagnation once the monsoon hits. You may also want to do a pre-check on possible water-entry areas like windows and balconies to prevent rainwater from coming inside to fully waterproof your house. Delaying this can allow moisture to dampen the walls and cause cracks, thus taking a long time to dry. But the good news is, detecting these issues early on and getting them fixed can avoid any permanent damage due to water leakage.

Check your electric wires: Electric malfunctioning is a common issue during the monsoons. But it is a situation that can go out of control if we underestimate its severity. For instance, messy electrical wires can cause short circuits, electrical shocks and, in some cases, could even start a fire. So, if there are unattended, loose, or exposed wires and open sockets in your house, get them checked and fix them soon.

Ensure good ventilation: Did you know that airtight homes can seal in harmful pollutants and dampness? So, irrespective of the season, ensure good aeration and cross ventilation to help keep the air fresh and healthy indoors. It will reduce any dampness inside the house, which can otherwise cause damage to the walls and or allergic reactions like asthma, etc. Also, if you cannot dry your clothes outside, make sure there is enough aeration in the room and use exhaust fans to reduce any moisture. Finally, do not forget to make the most out of the sunlight you get by leaving the windows open.

Wooden furniture and fittings need special care: Yes, along with giving your house a classic and artistic look, wooden furniture and fittings come with a fair amount of maintenance, especially during monsoons. Have you noticed wooden doors getting stuck when you try to open and close during the rainy season? This is because the wood has a strong affinity for water and imbibes water or moisture from its surroundings, thus swelling up. Just make sure you keep wooden furniture and doors dry by vacuuming or wiping them with dry cloth often. You can also coat your wood in oil or wax to give it a fine finish.

Free your home from insect infestation: The monsoons are an invitation to insects and flies. While some are harmless, a few of them can cause damage to your furniture and fittings. Whether it is inside the house or the surrounding area, make sure there are no muddy water puddles or water clogging in plant pots, as they can lead to the breeding of mosquitoes and other pests. Also, take the help of professional pest control services for termite issues. Close the windows during the night as indoor lights could attract insects in this season.

The author is VP – Commonfloor, a Quikr Company

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