Review: UIMI U3 Power Bank

UIMI U3 power bank could be a game changer in affordable power bank space for a lot of reasons

Review: UIMI U3 Power Bank
Review: UIMI U3 Power Bank
Sabari Saran - 02 December 2016

If you have been prodding yourself to get a battery power bank because your phone dies on you every day before the sunset but the overpriced Rs 2,000-3,000 ones aren’t your thing, here is an option of getting a budgeted power bank, which isn’t too heavy on the pocket.

UIMI Technologies, a New Delhi-based power bank manufacturer, has come out with a new power bank UIMI U3 power bank, priced unbelievingly at Rs 799. The company positions the product as India’s first solar chargeable power bank (yes, you heard that right!), being a small cog in the large wheel in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ vision.

The power bank features a powerful 6,000 mAh li-on battery and comes with a single input port and dual output USB port, letting you charge two phones simultaneously.

Product Highlights:

  • Solar & electricity charging
  • Powerful 6000 mAh li-on battery
  • Water & Dust proof
  • LED Torch Light Panel

A solar shine

UIMI U3 power bank could be a game changer in affordable power bank space for a lot of reasons. While its price point is an obvious attraction, the solar charging feature could attract people from different walks of life. U3’s unusual shape lets you tie it to your backpack and can be a boon for the travelers who like to hit the remote and serene places, where finding electricity is a task. The rubber finish gives it a smart look and is also water and dust proof, making it all-terrain friendly.

We all know about India’s looming power crisis and it’s a reality that many rural subscribers still don’t have access to electricity even though they own smartphones. You only need to keep the power bank in bright sunlight and after 6-7 hours – viola! The power bank is all ready to serve your phone. The UIMI U3 also has an impressive LED torch light panel, a light so powerful that it could give those rechargeable emergency lights at your home a run for its money.

The power bank is sufficient to charge your phone 2-3 times. The blue indicative lights display the power consumption and charging status. The power bank however takes up to eight hours to fully charge electrically even though it claims to do so in about 5-6 hours.

The product was launched just ahead of Diwali and comes in deep sky blue and lime green colours, and is available on all major e-commerce websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc.


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