Utkarsh Gupta: An Entrepreneur Par Excellence

Fostering a global outlook in students, the Managing Director of the Ramagya Group has rewritten education

Utkarsh Gupta: An Entrepreneur Par Excellence
Utkarsh Gupta: An Entrepreneur Par Excellence
OLM Spotlight - 31 August 2021

Not sharing the narrow concerns of his peers to build successful careers, teenager Utkarsh Gupta, while preparing for his Class 10 exams, was passionately involved in taking a re-look at the conventional education system of the country. He sensed that it was imperative to embrace innovative methods to transform the education scenario and pave the way for the advent of a New India.

In quest of the answers, he travelled through global education hubs while completing his education across Europe, Australia, Asia. He learnt about their educational practices to imbibe the best of these in Ramagya Group. As he became Ramagya's leadership face and took on the responsibility with a wider vision and clear targets, Ramagya School collaborated with the University of California and Cambridge University, paving the way to international exposure for students in more than 150 countries, thereby contributing to a progressive vision combined with critical thinking and learning. The curriculum adopted by his group fosters a global outlook in students and motivates them to take up experiential learning.

The untiring zeal, enthusiasm, and the remarkable tact with which Utkarsh motivates his team has successfully resulted in positioning Ramagya Group as one of the fastest-growing brands in the education sector. His strenuous efforts earned Ramagya' Great Place to Study (GPTS)' certification. GPTS aims to revolutionise existing educational models and promotes good teaching practices across the globe. His compelling vision and comprehensive plans took Ramagya to the pinnacle of glory, and today it is ranked among the Top 30 schools in India, Top 5 schools in Noida and Top 10 schools in UP. It is recognised as No. 1 amongst the top 10 CBSE schools by education today. Significantly, Ramagya has in its kitty an award by Hon'ble Chief Minister of UP, Shri Yogi Adityanath.

Sharing his vision for the school, Utkarsh says, "The primary purpose of Ramagya Group is to deliver quality education with a vision to make India shine at the global platform. We strenuously strive to offer international exposure to our students through our collaborations with the best around the globe. We provide them with umpteen opportunities by facilitating their access to national and international platforms through such collaborations."

Utkarsh envisages the equal importance of fitness, good health, and sports for students when they are prepared to defy all obstacles with determination and resolute strength. Ranked as No.1 in India for sports education by Education World in the year 2020, Ramagya Sports Academy, in collaboration with M S Dhoni Cricket Academy, provides the best cricket training in Noida. Also, The Bhaichung Bhutia Football School has stepped up to coach Ramagya's football enthusiasts.

Similarly, it has collaborated with Jwala Gutta's Global Academy for Badminton Global, NBA Basketball School, and Ashley Lobo's The Danceworx. Utkarsh adds, "We aim to take the passion of kids to the next level by not only providing them training and equipment, but also an active access to our team of nutritionists, sports counsellors, and physiotherapists who work round the clock and prepare kids to represent us on international forums."

Concurrently, Ramagya Sports Academy has achieved the distinction of representing India in different sports on a global scale. Additionally, Utkarsh has also been instrumental in founding Ramagya Institutes across Delhi-NCR, especially for the aspirants of various competitive entrance exams, including IIIT JEE and NEET and Ramagya Roots which offers Finland-based curriculum for tiny tots in India and specialised day-care services provided by Ramagya Roots under the banner 'First Steps'.

"I give credit of my success to my father, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who leads Ramagya Group as its Chairman. He gave me the platform to turn my vision into reality, and his impassable trust managed to galvanise me into action," says Utkarsh. He lauds the employees of Ramagya for their remarkable contribution and treats them as the roots of the organisation and biggest stakeholders in steering Ramagya to where it is today.

Utkarsh believes that true success lies in giving back to society. His mother, Rajni Gupta, who is also a founder member of Ramagya Foundation, works selflessly for underprivileged kids. More than one lakh people are benefitting from various programs of the Ramagya Foundation. For kids suffering from anxiety, depression, and sexual harassment, Ramagya Foundation has started the Baal Saathee project, which identifies such kids and works for their mental and physical growth. In this regard, a large team of doctors, clinical experts, psychologists, nurses, and counsellors works endlessly.

Utkarsh also regularly practices transcendental meditation, a great source of his tenacious energy, unceasing strength, and composure. In fact, he is the first in India to have introduced this technique as part of his school curriculum. He says, "In my view, it should be followed necessarily by all to attain inner calm, clarity of mind, and healthier body as it aids in learning, memorising and self-realisation."

A golf and snooker lover, writer at heart and avid globetrotter, Utkarsh gives prominence to optimally utilising his energy and keeping inner strength high. He keeps himself focused on his highly inspiring vision— Dream Big and Make It Possible!



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