How Much To Invest To Accumulate Rs 1 crore On Retirement?

How Much To Invest To Accumulate Rs 1 crore On Retirement?
How much to invest for a crore
Hina Shah - 22 March 2021

Invest Well For A Healthy, Happy Retired Life

Rohit Kapadia, Pune

I am 35 years and am looking at a corpus of Rs 1 crore when I retire at 60. How much should I save every month, and where should I invest?

To accumulate a corpus of Rs 1 crore till you reach 60, you need to save Rs 6,000 every month. However, this is not enough to plan retirement.

While planning a retirement corpus, you must consider the cost of living and roughly calculate the monthly expense of those 25 years (considering 8 per cent average rate of inflation).

Considering 85 years as maximum probable life expectancy, invest and accumulate a corpus, which will be sufficient to take through a comfortable financially independent retirement.

If your expenses are Rs 50,000 a month, then you require Rs 3,42,000 every month after retirement and a corpus of Rs 10.27 crore is needed for a comfortable inflation-proof monthly income. To lead a retired life with the stated corpus, you must invest Rs 60,000 per month at 12 per cent average return throughout the investment and earning year.

Please contact a certified financial planner to guide you through this.

Hina Shah, Certified Financial Planner, LUHEM Financial Planner and Coach

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