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Sounds Like A Plan

What makes the month of January usually eventful for the media in general is the upcoming Budget in February, but this time it was more eventful for Outlook Money. We hosted the first Retirement Expo, Outlook Money 40After40, on January 23-24 in Mumbai

Tax Saving Options: Look For The Best Fit

There are various tax-saving options available in the market for those who are sticking to the old tax regime. But your best bets are the ones that find a place in your overall financial plan. We have strategies to help you choose the tax regime and the products that are right for you

India Is On The Cusp Of Unprecedented Economic Expansion, Says Bharat Shah

The Indian economy is on a roll. Stock markets are at an all-time high, while last year, for the first time, corporate India’s return on equity (RoE) overcame the US RoE number. Bharat Shah, executive director, ASK Asset and Wealth Management group, in an interview with Kundan Kishore, Deputy Editor, Outlook Money, sheds light on where India stands in terms of value creation opportunities. Edited excerpts:

What 2024 Holds For Debt MFs

There are expectations that Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will cut interest rates in 2024, following the US and Euro zone rate cycle reversal

Not All Plans Have Pre-Existing Cover

Not All Plans Have Pre-Existing Cover

Homebuyer’s Guide To Ghaziabad

Homebuyer’s Guide To Ghaziabad

Interest on FDs and Loans

A look at where you will pay the lowest EMIs for home, car and personal loans, and get the most out of fixed deposits

In The Interim

In keeping with the convention, the Finance Minister announced no changes to the tax slabs or rates. All eyes are now on the upcoming general elections and the Union Budget later this year

Section 80C: Hoping For More

There isn’t much in the offering for taxpayers when it comes to Section 80C benefits. For long, the limit has remained fixed at Rs 1.5 lakh, though average income has grown manifold

Status Quo: Govt’s 10-Year Report

The FM referred to income tax reforms such as the new simplified tax regime, filing of updated tax returns, introduction of Form 26AS, prefilling of tax returns, and more

Push To Infra, Green Energy, Innovation

The market’s reaction to the Interim Budget was expectedly neutral. However, there were some announcements that are likely to have a long-lasting effect. The government’s emphasis on infrastructure spending, green energy and innovation, including inviting the private sector to pariticipate, will boost these sectors

Stay Aware Of Your Recency Bias

Giving in to recency bias related to an event like the Union Budget is akin to speculating. Asking the right questions before biting the bullet is very important

Exchange Of Data Can Change Digital Game In The Future, Says Tapan Singhel

Digitisation has touched all industries, and the insurance sector is not far behind. We saw many changes after Covid, but it’s time to understand the next step in this journey now. Tapan Singhel, CEO and MD of Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, in an interview with Nidhi Sinha, Editor, Outlook Money, spoke about how digitalisation can enable the interchange of data to develop capabilities that can benefit customers and save millions of lives. Here are the edited excerpts from the interview.

Here’s How To Write A Will

A guide on how you can bequeath your assets smoothly

Get Health Cover For Senior Parents

Get Health Cover For Senior Parents

What Is An OPD Insurance?

What Is An OPD Insurance?

Can You YouTube Your Way To Regular Income?

It’s not uncommon to come across individuals aspiring to make YouTube videos and earn a living through them. On the face of it, that may sound simple, but it needs single-minded focus and a lot of effort before it becomes lucrative for you

Kotak ELSS Tax Saver-Direct Plan: Efficient Tax-Saver For The Risk-Averse

Kotak ELSS Tax Saver-Direct Plan: Efficient Tax-Saver For The Risk-Averse

Regulatory Roundup

Recent changes in the capital markets and insurance, and how they will impact you

Explainer: Investing Based On Business Cycle

Business Cycle fund helps you align the portfolio according to the economic conditions, allowing you to diversify, capitalise on opportunities and minimise risks instead of depending on any single sector.

How To Keep The Bull Market Going For You At All Times

There is always a bull market somewhere, so how do you tap into the winning segments at all times and keep the bull run going for you forever?

Failing To Plan For Retirement Is Planning To Fail

If you get ample time to save for retirement, you will have more time to grow your savings and adjust or readjust the plan to reach the final goal without much problem.

Why You Should Choose A Balanced Advantage Fund?

Balanced Advantage Funds are versatile investing tools that allow investors to downsize portfolio risks while maintaining stability and growth with the right blend of assets.

Unlock Financial Wellness With Freedom SIP

Systematic Investment Plans are among the best investment tools to save money and create wealth for old age with the flexibility to choose your contributions as per your comfort.

Have We Tamed The Grey Rhinos— The Known Unknowns Of Financial Risks?

Grey Rhinos can wreak havoc in the financial markets if we fail to heed the warning signs that follow such events, although their intensity and potential harm have reduced significantly.

Smart Budgeting:The Key to Mindful Retirement Planning

Retirement should be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, but without mindful planning and smart budgeting, financial stress can overshadow your golden years