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OLM Desk - 28 December 2021

From The Street To The Screen

Capital and money markets have always been at the forefront of technology adoption, so it is not surprising that the access to these through apps has zoomed. However, this also necessitates the need for stringent checks and balances so that investor trust is not eroded. It will take just a few cases of fraud and malpractice to gain media attention for most retail investors to shy away from using digital avenues of investing.

The ease of payments has definitely made lives easier, but I also worry about how easy it has become to get defrauded. With Net banking, it takes about two layers of passwords and OTPs, and some secret questions in many cases, before the account holder can transfer even a few thousands. This is on top of having to add beneficiaries. However, with UPI (be it through Paytm, Phonepe, Gpay or any other app), there is hardly any barrier. The two-step authentication should apply to these avenues too. That would be a step towards protecting customers from fraud and also inadvertent self-made mistakes.

Sebi, RBI, IRDAI and the other financial regulators must keep an eye out for malpractices so that the progress that Indian investors have made in the past few years is not lost because of a slip of a finger.

Kanwaljit Singh

Gold Faces Stiff Challenge

While the author has gone into the reasons behind gold losing its attraction for investors, a point that can be added to this list is that people now have other places to spend their extra or ‘leisure’ money. Earlier, people bought gold even for the sheer pleasure of the purchase. Now, there are other ways of getting the same kick. There are gadgets, holidays, cars and much more. Moreover, with platinum and diamond jewellery easily available nowadays, the pleasure factor of buying gold has got diffused.

Anant Nigam

The Nuances Of Floating Rate Debt Funds

Most people tend to focus on the equity side of their portfolios. However, it is equally important to understand various debt products and their movements as these products bring the much-needed balance to our investments. I hope to learn more about floating rate funds and other debt products from your columns.

Amaltash Kukreti

Have A Safe Journey

Travel has become fraught with uncertainties and the cost of travel insurance is increasing. This could play spoilsport for a recovering travel sector.

Binoy Das

To Hope & Resilience