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OLM Desk - 31 May 2023

Sector Investing

There is no single answer to the best sectors to invest money in, and amid market volatility, it gets more difficult to decide. When the market is jittery and uncertain, 5 Handpicked Sectors For You (May 2023) is a timely story that gave me a perspective on sector investing. The top-down approach in volatile times when external factors have a greater bearing or bottom-up than in other times made me select my favourite sectors of the five, the Banking and IT sectors. Although sector investing demands research, knowledge, understanding and utmost caution, no sector is forever good for investment. The High On Credit Growth and Asset Quality section improved my knowledge of the banking system. The recent changes in the taxation on debt mutual funds will help attract more deposits in bank fixed deposits (FDs), and I agree with the positive growth expectation for the sector. I also agree with the view on the IT sector in Bouncing Back Stronger, After Every Knock. This sector could be highly volatile in the near future due to global factors, but it cannot be for the long term.

Raj Mohan Gupta, email

Index Funds

It’s Raining Index Funds, But How Do You Choose One? (March 2023) This is an excellent article on index funds. Of course, the tracking error and expenses must be checked before selecting an index fund. However, it would be better to have another article with a detailed analysis of the return of different popular index funds with their mutual fund counterparts in different timeframes. In the large-cap space, due to limited choice, the probability of index funds doing better is higher than in mid- and small-cap, as the skilled manager can choose the right stock, take the right call and beat the index.

Shaktikanta Patra, email

Fortify Finances

I have been buying Outlook Money magazine for the past few months; it has good articles. For example, the report by Larissa Fernand of Morningstar India, How to Fortify Your Finances (April 2023) was amazing and worth reading by one and all who invest in shares and other instruments. However, it would be more helpful to readers if these articles are highlighted on the content page.

K. Jayapal, email


The magazine topics are pretty detailed, but the part I love the most is the editor’s note. It not only imparts knowledge but also makes people think on various aspects of personal finance. The behavioural finance and real estate sections are my favourites. I also hope the upcoming real estate sections will cover south and central Bombay. I would also like to suggest to the Outlook Money team introduce a new section exclusively about the returns that stocks gave in the long term and how to identify them, while also giving facets of multi-baggers in the past. Overall, the magazine informs the reader about the latest in the finance sector and educates them.

Swapnil A. Watve, email

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