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OLM Desk - 04 February 2023

Hot Stocks

It was wonderful reading about the positive turnaround in the Indian stock market in 2022 and the experts’ take on possible performers in 2023 and beyond. Indeed, the market proved its ability to fight back despite formidable odds. 9 Stocks To Pick In 2023 has improved my skills and understanding of reading trends and deciphering equities’ inherent strengths and weak-nesses while dealing with market challenges. I might buy some of the stocks listed by the experts with their insights and experiences. The portion on bank stocks was quite informative, especially how the cyclical tailwinds are helping banks deliver strong returns on assets (RoAs), a critical aspect of picking a bank stock with growth potential. Loan growth, better net interest margin, and lower credit costs have been key drivers for some banks. Plenty of other critical aspects underlined in the article would be helpful for an investor like me. Although I have invested in mutual funds, foraying into stocks has been one of my ambitions. After reading this, I am quite confident about embarking on my stock investment journey.

Pritam Singh, email

Retirement Cash Flow

Retirement planning is one aspect that most people miss out on in their prime working age. Nevertheless, its importance is paramount. I enjoyed reading the article How To Ensure Regular Cash Flow? What made it a fantastic read is its attempt to break down complex financial concepts into simple terms. I have subscribed to plans under the National Pension System (NPS), the Public Provident Fund (PPF) and fixed deposits. Systematic withdrawal plan (SWP) or annuity schemes can be good in the withdrawal phase. The article inspired me to take note of benefits and additional options. I would recommend others to consider these schemes to ensure regular cash flow after retirement.

Ashutosh Srivastava, email

Happiness & Satisfaction

A nice editor’s note, To A Truly Happy New Year! Agree that having a sense of gratitude adds a bit to our own happiness and satisfaction. I love the remark about what true happiness is! Let people understand that happiness is not just about money. Agree with you that money may play a catalytic role but not the whole of it. Practising gratitude has also been linked to numerous mental and physical health benefits.

Vipul Shah, email

Financial Wellbeing

The more, the merrier is what most of us aim for in life. But the consequence of such an ambition could affect our financial well-being. After all, for most of us, the ability to continue earning hits a pause once the prime working age is over. Hence, planning a real, achievable goal becomes indispensable. The article Towards Financial Wellness highlights this fact abundantly. Changing the goalpost merely based on our fleeting emotions could do more harm than good for our finances in the long run.

Neelakshi Despande, email

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