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Money Cannot Buy Everything
Money Cannot Buy Everything
Sampurna Majumder - 15 May 2019

India’s first female theatrical magician Maneka Sorcar (eldest daughter of magician PC Sorcar Jr.) strongly believes that money cannot buy everything. In a conversation with Sampurna Majumder, she reveals, it is a privilege to be able to pursue one’s dreams.

Investment Inspiration – a few words

I have never been exceptionally smart with investments and personal finances; nonetheless there are certain ideas and beliefs that I abide by when it comes to money matters. I rely heavily on my closest family members (parents and spouse) when it comes to financial planning and investments.

Money Philosophy

Paisa khuda nahi hai, paisa khuda nahi hain

Par khuda ki kasam,  khuda se kam bhi nahi hain

I strongly believe in this couplet and feel that no matter how much money we make in our lives, it cannot be equated with the power of providence.

First Big Purchase

My first car, a Chevrolet during my college days.

Next Big Purchase

Haven’t yet decided.

Money Mistake

Asking my parents to let me handle my money from a young age; I ended up in a soup and my father had to rescue me.

Lessons Learnt from it

Over time, I have learnt to play safe with my money. Seeking advice from my personal financial expert helps me maintain a balance.

Money Mantra

Well, my mantra resonates my money philosophy to a great extent. While I do work hard and receive immense monetary reward from it, at the end of the day, I firmly stand by the belief that money cannot buy everything!

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