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Don’t Leave Your Star Asset alone

Not depending on the Kejriwal (read equities) of your portfolio can come handy when that asset faces trouble. So even if equities are the star component of your portfolio, allocate responsibility to other assets, too

Turn Of The Tide: Should You Invest In Debt Funds Now?

The past few years have been challenging for debt fund investors, but the case for adding them in your portfolio is now more compelling than ever

Report Card: Performance Metrics For Six Debt Fund Categories

Here are the performance metrics for six debt fund categories that experts say are expected to do well. We have taken the top seven funds as per their performance in the last one year

Investors Can Expect Balanced Risk-Return In Short-To-Medium Term, Says Amit Tripathi

With inflation showing signs of easing, there is a clear possibility of a rate cut on the horizon. The government’s fiscal consolidation roadmap and India’s inclusion in the Global Bond Index from June 2024 bode well for the Indian bond market and, thus, debt fund investors, too. Amit Tripathi, chief investment officer, fixed income, Nippon India Mutual Fund, in an interview with Kundan Kishore, sheds light on investment opportunities for debt fund investors in this scenario. Here are the edited excerpts:

Enough To Focus For Investors

The Indian ETF market has experienced huge growth over the past decade and signifies a shift in investor preference towards passive funds. Here’s all you need to know about ETFs

Plan Repayment Before Taking Loan

Plan Repayment Before Taking Loan

Homebuying For Self Use Or Investment? The Rules Of The Game Are Different

Most Indians buy homes not so much for investment, but rather for self-use, which incidentally should not be seen from the prism of investment. So, before you put your money in real estate, ask whether it is better to stay on rent or buy a home for yourself. And should you decide to invest in property, compare it with other options, such as fixed deposits, gold, bonds, and equity

Homebuyer’s Guide To Faridabad

Homebuyer’s Guide To Faridabad

Bucket Your Worries Away

Once you have accumulated a decent corpus in your working life, the next big task should be to smartly deploy it across different schemes through a bucketing strategy so that your regular expenses are taken care of while your corpus keeps growing. This will ensure that you do not outlive your corpus

Combined Life, Health Plans Won't Increase Complexity, Says Vibha Padalkar

The life insurance market in India has recorded a consistent premium growth over the years, though insurance penetration is yet to reach the desired level. Vibha Padalkar, managing director and chief executive officer of HDFC Life Insurance, in a conversation with Nidhi Sinha, editor, Outlook Money, spoke of the challenges the insurance industry faces, the road ahead in view of recent regulatory proposals, and how HDFC Life Insurance recorded a 5 per cent growth year-on-year in total annual premium, and 20 per cent and 16 per cent in assets under management (AUM), and net profit, respectively, y-o-y, along with positive growth in both Tier II and Tier III cities. Edited excerpts:

Secret Road To Financial Dignity

Dignity is something most retirees want once their active work life comes to an end and it is closely tied to the individual’s financial well-being

Fund Life Goals Before Business

Fund Life Goals Before Business

What Is Depreciation?

Every asset depreciates over time. Here's how depreciation for different assets are calculated for accounting and tax purposes

Financial Freedom For Her

Financial literacy can help women take a leap towards achieving independence and having a say in family’s financial decisions.

Unlocking The Potential Of Smart Beta ETFs

Smart beta ETFs can be used for a diversified investment strategy but those finding it too complicated may consult an advisor before opting for them

India Takes Green Road, But Costs Still A Barrier

Though carmakers have reduced the prices on EVs, they are still costlier than their fossil fuel cousins. Higher prices and infrastructure still affect their popularity

Take The Reins In Your Hands

When it comes to investing, women participation is generally low in decision-making, partly because of the biased belief that they do not know much about money

Regulatory Roundup

Regulatory changes in March 2024, and how they will impact you

7 Steps To Refresh Your Finances In The New FY

Setting goals and then making your money work to achieve them can be a gamechanger for your financial life

Unleashing The Power Of Innovation: A Closer Look At The Bandhan Innovation Fund

Expanding horizons with Leading, Rising, and Emerging Innovators in diverse sectors.

Who Should Choose An Index Fund?

Index funds’ returns are similar to their underlying index, so if cost and protection are high on your list and market-beating performance is secondary, they could be an ideal choice.

Simple Facts – Missed By Many!

People investing in a house, land, gold jewellery, etc., are consumptions; invest in financial instruments that give you good returns and create wealth and liquidity.

How Multi-Asset Investing Reduces Portfolio Risk

Multi-asset allocation helps you diversify and minimize risks over the long term, as you can tap the best results from each asset in the portfolio during the market’s ups and downs.

Get A SIP Plan To Ride The Compounding Rocket To Wealth

Mutual fund investing is the best way to avoid various market risks, including the common traps triggered by herd mentality that leads to bad investment decisions

Millennials Embrace F.I.R.E. For Life Beyond The 9-To-5

The FIRE strategy in retirement planning adopts an aggressive investing philosophy to help you expedite the process of reaching financial goals and retiring early.