Searching For A Job In A Post COVID-19 World

Searching For A Job In A Post COVID-19 World

Searching For A Job In A Post COVID-19 World
Searching For A Job In A Post COVID-19 World
Anagh Pal - 16 May 2020

The economy has been hurt badly by the coronavirus pandemic, and has led to loss in jobs and income. As we recover slowly from the pandemic, companies will get back to the hiring mode again.

However, things will not be the same. “As the government has announced the Rs 20 lakh crore economic package, there is a heightened hope in the economy for businesses to gradually ramp up operations which could, in turn, boost hiring across industries,” says Nilabh Kapoor, Head of Revenue, OLX People (Horizontal Business Unit).

However, things will not be the same going ahead. Job seekers need to be aware of the situation and do things that increase their chances of landing a job.

“If you are not getting responses from the employers, maintain patience and apply for the jobs which highlight your skills, experience, and qualifications. The current market situation has added a challenge in hiring process and employers may take time to figure things out,” RP Yadav, MD and Chairman, Genius Consultants.

He advises that for optimum level of search one needs to revaluate their cover letter, resume, and even jobs they are applying for. Check if the jobs are matching the criteria and level of experience required by the employers.

Yadav also says one must update their resume with the achievements and targets achieved and highlight any skills, expertise or qualities that one has.

With this pandemic job opportunity with work from home or from remote working opportunity will rise. So look for remote working options where your skills will come in handy. Consider part time work as well.

“It is important for job seekers in this time to keep an eye out for sectors that are continuing to hire such as health tech, fintech, e-commerce, foodtech, BFSI, logistics, and more,” says Kapoor. Also, there is a special emphasis on MSME's and the government is trying to ensure there is increased disposable income available to consumers.

“So, we can look forward to increased hiring by MSMEs especially in the manufacturing and service sectors that are catering to consumer goods. One can also expect a surge in hiring by government and public enterprises in the near future,” he adds.

Also, as e-learning and edutech has become increasingly significant for working professionals as well as students and teachers, there will be an increased demand for jobs in content creation, graphic designing, and digital education. The insurance sector is also expected to witness a jump in hiring due to a rise in the current demand. So, job aspirants need to upskill themselves and like mentioned above, expand their job search across sectors that are faring better than others.

“Companies are adding video interviews and online tests as part of their selection process, and this would require candidates to work on their skills and be comfortable with digital interactions,” says Kapoor.


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