The shift in numbers changes the vibration and we all encounter this transformation through our Personal Year (PY).

Farzana Suri - 15 January 2018

Each year, on January 1, we move into a new calendar of our life. The energies change with changing experiences and behaviours. In numerology, the shift in numbers changes the vibration and we all encounter this transformation through our Personal Year (PY). A Personal Year refers to how a calendar year specifically affects this change in energy for you. It is like a weather forecast. It dictates your behaviour and experiences in all areas of your life. A universal year is the sum total of the current year. 2018 is a No 2 (2+0+1+8 = 11 = 1+1 = 2).

What can one expect in 2018?

■ Opportunities for collaboration, like marriages, alliances, joint ventures, etc. in the political and economic world.

■ Peace-makers and mediators will thrive.

■ Feminine influences will weigh high and women are expected to shine during this year.

■ 2018 is a year of waiting and planning. It isn’t about making radical moves. The mantra for the year is PATIENCE.

■ A fairly productive year for those involved in businesses related to water, like liquid dairy, tea, coffee, and businesses catering to women, such as, clothing and jewellery.

■ Environmental consciousness and spirituality will bring people together.

How to determine Your Personal Year for 2018?

To arrive at your PY, add your birthday + birth month + the current year (the current year in this case is 2+0+1+8 =2). Only the day and month are to be added to the current year. So, if your birthday is November 25th, then you add 25 + 11 to the current year i.e. 2018; 25.11.2018 = 2+5+1+1+2+0+1+8 = 20. Further break down the double digits till you arrive at a single digit 20 = 2+0 =2. Therefore, the Personal Year is 2.

Read on to know more about 2018:

1 New beginnings

Anything you start in PY 1, it is likely to influence your experience for the next nine years. The focus is around change and new beginnings. You find yourself working with renewed confidence, clarity, and determination to achieve your goals and ambition. Your need for individuality peaks this year and, even in a partnership, you lead. Look out for new business opportunities, projects or jobs in new areas. In matters of finance, opportunities for long-term investments, a property or a moderately aggressive portfolio are likely to be more profitable. Watch impulse spending and take smart risks.

What to watch out for in 2018: Being egoistic, vain, outspoken and procrastination can sabotage your victory.

2 Collaboration

This is a year to slow down and find your inner balance. Whatever and whoever is competing with you, see it as an opportunity to display cooperation and grow together. Focus on harmonising interactions and partnering with people to achieve success. Stabilise relationships that are rocky with open conversations. This year is about prepping and planning, so any radical changes are likely to veer you off the track of progress.Work situations or people may stress you out; persevere with patience.

What to watch out for in 2018: Taking decisions based on emotions, playing the victim, and reluctance to let go of the past can impede your chancesof victory.

3 Creative expression

You are likely to be optimistic, witty with friends, fun and abundance in opportunities coming your way. You could find yourself in the spotlight with invitations for parties, reunions and networking. Financially, this is a good year. You’ll be in the news for all the right reasons. However, you have a tendency to bite off more than you can chew with your pending commitments and generosity. Falling into the borrowing trap is likely if you do not watch those spends. Periodic investments can help you manage your money better.

What to watch out for in 2018: Superficial friendships, mood swings, impulsive decisions, bottled up emotions and stretching limits may hamper your chances of victory.

4 Practicality

It’s time to get real and leave the light-heartedness of the last year to re-calibrate the compass of your life. It’s a year that challenges you and can amp up things related to your career, finance, and health. Discipline, hard work and focus may take you closer to achieving your goal. You may encounter speed breakers at many corners, so be patient and steadfast. An opportunity to invest in property or long-term solid investments would be profitable. The need for security over quick returns is the highlight of this year. This year requires you to up your ante. Re-evaluate what works and what isn’t working. Legal complications are likely to get you uncomfortable. Allowing frustrations to get the better of you can complicate issues. The road will clear its way provided patience and flexibility are in top gear.

What to watch out for in 2018: Rigidity, stubbornness, get-rich-quick schemes, unresolved family issues and inability to express feelings can hurt your chances of victory.

5 Change

It is a dramatic year with a flurry of activities all around you. Unexpected opportunities, parties, adventure, love for life are highlights of this year. You may find yourself going through a whirlwind. You’ll experience some ups and downs, so you will have to adapt and focus. Seize the opportunities that are coming your way and avoid undertaking any new long-term projects. Expect some smaller yet significant changes in your life, both personally and professionally, in your business or job, or even relocation. Uncontrolled expenses may affect your cash flow. Saving before spending would be prudent in the long run.

What to watch out for in 2018: Scattered energy, arguments, lack of financial restraint and lack of focus can prevent your walk to victory.

6 Responsibility

Expect life to present you with responsibilities and obligations. It’s a year replete with progress and career advancement. Opportunities for collaboration on new projects will emerge. A good year for investing and enjoying the returns of the past five years. Opportunity for gifts, inheritance and bounty are likely. Balance your portfolio creatively. Some acquisitions could be on the anvil. A legal breakthrough is a possibility. Seek peace in relationships by displaying resilience. Financial advancement and gains come with ease. Attention to health would balance the mind, body, and soul.

What to watch out for in 2018: Resenting responsibilities, seeking perfection and meddling in others’ affairs may have you struggling.

7 Reflection

The energy of this year makes you introspective, prompting to look inwards and strengthens the foundation of your life. Unexpected events will find you discovering your inner purpose. You may be a catalyst of change for others. Success and recognition will walk to you, so calm that ‘monkey mind’. Invest after thorough research. Specialise in a particular area related to technology to carve your share of success. Significant developments are expected to create ripples. Your trust in others may be put to test this year.

What to watch out for in 2018: Being too egoistic, seeking instant gratification and the obsession with money can be counterproductive.

8 Inner Strength

Being a karmic year, what is due to you, comes to you. So keep your resolve. Live up to your potential. It’s frenetic too with several activities demanding your attention. It may not seem easy, but will be rewarding. Materially, it puts you through a see-saw, so invest wisely. Property and long-term investments are likely to be profitable. Speculation needs to be reined, it’s a take-no-risk year. Changes in job, relationships and health will push you out of your comfort zone. Justice will not be denied. Read the fine print in legal documents and follow your intuition. It may bring in a few hurdles but none that you cannot cross.

What to watch out for in 2018: Being egoistic, bossy, neglecting your loved ones, playing victim can affect your chances of victory.

9 Closure

This year, your efforts of the past eight years come to fruition. Finish all unfinished business. It’s a year of completions and preparedness for new beginnings. Forgive and let go. You find yourself involved in a higher purpose and humanitarian work. Money comes to you mysteriously. A surprise dividend or closure of an investment from the past, inheritance or a gift can be expected. Fame, recognition and popularity score high. Opportunities for new sources of income are a possibility. A time for financial growth, progress and social responsibility.

What to watch out for in 2018: Pride, being argumentative, obsessed with

money, over-indulgent and over-demanding nature can confine your victory.


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