Sapthaa Records: The Advanced Sound Studio Powering South Indian Blockbusters

Sapthaa Records: The Advanced Sound Studio Powering South Indian Blockbusters
Kishan Mohan mixing in Dolby Atmos Theatre
29 May 2023

Be it music or films, audio plays an important role. Low-quality audio translates to less enjoyability. Hence, music composers and filmmakers strive to make their audio top-notch, along with other departments. For high-quality audio, an advanced sound studio would be mandatory and that is what Sapthaa Records provides. With Sapthaa, you can expect high-end audio quality, all thanks to their state-of-the-art facilities.

Located in Kochi, Sapthaa was founded by Kishan Mohan with one vision – taking Indian music and films to international level. That is why the studio is known for being the country’s first to offer Dolby Atmos music mix facility, first in South India to have Dolby Atmos HE setup and the first in the city with Dolby Atmos mixing stage. Till date, Sapthaa has been part of nearly 150 films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam, covering the South Indian film industry. Soon, with its facilities, Sapthaa will be known in the North as well!

Various blockbusters and hits have come out of Sapthaa. Notable ones include Kanthara, Drishyam 2, Jagame Thanthiram, 777 Charlie, Bhoothakaalam, Aarkkariyaam, Thuramukham, One, Nayattu, Joji, Kuruppu, Hridayam, Operation Java, Malik and CBI5. Since most of the films are hits, the industry considers Sapthaa as a lucky charm and filmmakers are flying down to get their audio production done here!

Sapthaa’s Kishan Mohan is a genius himself. The chief promoter of the studio, Kishan has many achievements since childhood in the field of music. After his graduation in Sound Engineering, Kishan did post-graduation in music from the popular Berklee College of Music. Ever since, he has worked with Hollywood and Spanish and English composers in Los Angeles. After a 5-year stint in the US, he came down to his native to replicate the audio quality in the West. That’s how Sapthaa was born.

Sapthaa offers multiple divisions – Sapthaa Records, for instance, is ideal for music composers, as it provides facilities for music production, programming, arrangement and mixing. Sapthaa Voices, on the other hand, is for film production, as it offers facilities for recording, mixing, dubbing and editing. Apart from providing advanced facilities, Sapthaa also runs a training institute. SIFT, or Sapthaa Institute of Film Technologies offers training in Dolby Atmos mixing unit, pro tools, Dolby pre-mix suites, mentorship, music production and engineering, sound design and engineering, digital cinematography with colour grading and postmodern software. The institute has been designed in a work and study model, by making all the facilities of the studio available to the students.

Sapthaa also has working partnerships with industry majors such as Dolby, Disney and Sun Pictures. According to Kishan Mohan, high-end and most modern equipment are arranged in Sapthaa's DI suites, Atmos Dolby Vision HDR suites and Barco 4K projection suites. Atmos HE set-up, suitable for home theatres and OTT platforms is also available in the studio. It is also equipped with facilities for sound design, production sound services, foley effects/editing, mixing mastering, music production, programming and arrangement. Overall, Sapthaa Records is the most ideal place if you are looking for an advanced sound studio!
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