Rurash Financials Alleviates Investor Concerns Related To Physical Share Certificates And Unclaimed Investments

Rurash Financials Alleviates Investor Concerns Related To Physical Share Certificates And Unclaimed Investments
29 November 2023

In the dynamic realm of financial services, Rurash Financials has positioned itself as a key player, spearheading efforts to address the challenges confronting investors in the dematerialization of Physical Share Certificates. As the industry undergoes a fundamental shift from physical to electronic forms, Rurash Financials recognises the imperative for seamless processes and investor-friendly solutions. They have assisted hundreds of investors reclaim crores of investments lying in the form of physical share certificates or forgotten as unclaimed in any of the money instruments.

A pivotal area of focus for Rurash Financials lies in streamlining the dematerialization services for unitholders and helping them recover their unclaimed investments from IEPF. Acknowledging the paperwork burden associated with conversion, the company has optimised its procedures to ensure a smoother experience for investors. Proactive engagement with investors and the provision of clear guidance constitutes Rurash Financials' strategy to simplify the conversion and claims journey.

Committed to transparency, investor welfare and customer excellence, Rurash Financials has implemented a robust system for recovering unclaimed investments. They assist and facilitate recovery of unclaimed investments from IEPF, be it in physical shares certificates, mutual funds, FDs or dormant bank accounts. Recognizing that investors may encounter challenges during the dematerialization process, the company is dedicated to efficiently assisting unitholders in reclaiming their investments. Through a user-friendly process and responsive customer support, Rurash Financials ensures that concerns related to unclaimed investments are promptly addressed.

The Dematerialisation Services they offer include:

IEPF Claim | IEPF Rejections | Transmission of Investments | Physical to Demat Conversion
Signature Mismatch | Rectify IEPF Discrepancy | Conversion of Shares
Unclaimed Dividends | Name Mismatch | Approval Pending in IEPF | Refund from IEPF

Rurash Financials advocates for investor-friendly policies, aiming to facilitate a smoother transition to electronic form for physical share certificates.

Navigating the evolving landscape of dematerialization, Rurash Financials consistently prioritises the investor experience. By amalgamating technology, and service excellence with a customer-first approach, the company aspires to set new standards in the financial services industry, empowering investors to embrace the digital future of investment and quicker financial distribution services.

Investors looking to transition from physical to electronic forms can depend on Rurash Financials to navigate the intricacies of dematerialization, ensuring a secure and efficient process.

About Rurash Financials

Rurash Financials Pvt Ltd is one of the leading financial services and distribution companies headquartered in Mumbai. With a rich legacy, the company has carved a niche for itself in the financial landscape. Rurash Financials provides top-tier financial services, with a specialized focus on dematerialisation services and recovery of unclaimed investments from IEPF. Their comprehensive suite of services includes wealth management offerings in Investment Planning, Unlisted Shares, NRI Investments, Loan Against Shares, Physical to Demat Conversion, and Recovery of unclaimed investments. Rurash Financials Pvt Ltd, with its commitment to excellence, continues to be a stalwart in the realm of financial distribution services with AIF, PMS, and Fractional Assets as the recent add-ons.


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