Proposed Bill Aims To Safeguard Professional Reputation Of Chartered Accountants in India, Says Dr. Kislay Panday, Supre

26 May 2023

Chartered Accountants (CAs) play a significant role in the financial world, providing valuable services to individuals and businesses alike. However, they often face challenges in their profession, including being held accountable for the actions of their clients. This issue has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, prompting the need for legislation to protect the rights and integrity of CAs.

Esteemed Supreme Court Lawyer, Dr Kislay Panday, has emphasized the importance of passing a bill to safeguard the interests of CAs. According to him, such legislation would offer them the protection and recognition they deserve in society. Dr Panday believes that CAs should be given a higher degree of respect, considering the vital role they play in the financial sector.

The Indian government must take the necessary measures to protect CAs from unwarranted legal actions, safeguarding their professional reputation. Legislation could establish clear guidelines on the legal and financial obligations of CAs, making it easier for them to perform their duties without fear of legal repercussions.

Additionally, the legislation could stipulate mandatory regulations to enforce the compliance of financial reporting standards to the extent that the financial reporting of the organizations meets the international standards. This provision would ensure that CAs perform their duties ethically, professionally, and with a high degree of integrity, maintaining the credibility of the profession.

The proposed legislation could also provide CAs with legal protection against claims by third parties for any act committed by their clients. CAs often find themselves vulnerable to lawsuits for errors made by their clients in financial matters, which can be detrimental to their professional reputation. By establishing safeguards to prevent such legal repercussions, the proposed legislation would offer CAs the protection they need to perform their duties with confidence and professionalism.

In conclusion, CAs play a vital role in the financial sector, and their contribution to the country's economic growth is immense. According to Dr Panday, it is essential to recognize their work and pass legislation to protect them from unwarranted legal action. This protection will safeguard their professional reputation and ensure that they can perform their duties with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity. By offering CAs the protection they deserve, India can establish itself as a nation that values and respects the contributions of its financial professionals.


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