Navigating The Generative AI wave For Financial Services Domain

Navigating The Generative AI wave For Financial Services Domain
Navigating The Generative AI wave For Financial Services Domain
23 April 2024

1. Recent Business Scenario in the Financial Services Industry

Q: Could you provide insights into the recent business scenario within the financial services industry, both domestically in India and globally?

A: Recent developments in the financial services industry, both domestically in India and globally, reflect a dynamic landscape shaped by digital transformation, regulatory changes, and evolving customer expectations. India has emerged as one of the fastest growing fintech markets in the world with a market size estimated at US$ 150 billion by 2025. The industry faces challenges such as NPAs, cybersecurity threats, financial inclusion, regulatory compliance, and skill gaps that require multi-faceted solutions for sustained growth and stability. Globally, the industry has witnessed a wave of digital disruption, with neobanks emerging as innovative digital alternatives to traditional banks, enhancing customer experience and product diversity.

2. Opportunities for Growth for Cloud Consulting Companies in Financial Services Domain

Q: What opportunities do you foresee for Flentas Technologies amidst these changes in the financial services landscape?
A: Generative AI and machine learning will become integral to FSI businesses. Cloud consulting companies in the financial services domain have significant opportunities for growth, particularly in the areas of generative AI.

The integration of generative AI into cloud-based financial services solutions can further enhance the value proposition for financial institutions, offering personalized customer experiences, improved trust, accuracy, and resilience. Generative AI can also help financial services organizations make more informed decisions, reduce operational costs, and enhance risk management.

Flentas Technologies has proven experience working with leading fintechs and financial services companies, assisting them with end-to-end digital transformation solutions. Our strong partnership with cloud providers like AWS has allowed us to help financial services organizations navigate the complexities of cloud adoption and maximize the benefits of cloud-based solutions, ultimately driving growth and success. Additionally, we are working with AWS to bring Gen AI capabilities for our customers, by using various large language models like LLaMA by Meta, titan from amazon, gpt4 etc. to create relevant business cases. Since the cost of running LLMs on premises is much higher as compared to cloud, customers need not worry as they can utilize the pay as you go model which is very cost efficient.

3. Addressing Challenges in the Financial Services Domain

Q: What are some of the key challenges that financial services companies face today, and how is Flentas Technologies addressing them?

A:One of the most significant challenges is the rapid pace of technological innovation. Fintech startups and tech giants are disrupting traditional financial services, forcing incumbents to adapt or risk becoming obsolete. To overcome this challenge, financial institutions must embrace technological innovation, invest in cybersecurity, adapt to regulatory changes, and prioritize customer-centricity.

Cybersecurity is another critical challenge for financial institutions. With the increasing use of digital technologies, the risk of cyberattacks is growing. Financial services companies must invest in robust cybersecurity measures, including encryption, ethical hacking, and authentication, to protect sensitive data and transactions. They must also ensure their supply chains are secure, as these can be vulnerable to attack.

Flentas addresses these challenges by offering expert consultancy during the initial stages of implementation, ensuring seamless transitions to the cloud, and providing ongoing management and maintenance of cloud infrastructure and financial applications, developing custom generative ai solutions and much more.

4. Business Outlook for Flentas Technologies

Q: Looking ahead, what is your outlook for Flentas Technologies, both in India and on the global stage?
A: We are rapidly scaling our operations, with expansion in the Middle East. The scenario of technology of financial services institutions and fintechs in the Middle East is rapidly evolving, driven by a young, tech-savvy population, high mobile phone penetration, and a strategic global location that fosters international collaboration and innovation. The region is becoming fertile ground for fintech innovation, with a growing startup ecosystem in cities like Dubai, Istanbul, and Riyadh. Whereas, in India the technology adoption rate is much higher and stands at 87% in comparison to the global average of 65%. India has witnessed the emergence of various trends, including digital payment platforms, digital-only neo-banking platforms, technology-driven insurance (InsurTech), blockchain-based solutions, and peer-to-peer lending.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, transparency, Flentas aims to help financial services companies establish advanced generative AI infrastructure across their environments, integrating GenAI and deep learning capabilities with data analytics to reinvent business operations, service delivery, decision-making, and customer management. By providing advanced AI infrastructure, AI-driven tools, and platforms that enable faster, more personalized, and efficient service, we also help curtail costs, ensure compliance, and enhance customer satisfaction.


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