How to Get a Good Package in a Product Company

A resume filled with great practical experience, programming abilities and networking will help land your dream job

How to Get a Good Package in a Product Company
How to Get a Good Package in a Product Company
Siddharth Maheshwari - 28 August 2021

Employees can climb the corporate ladder with strong computer training in the same way that entrepreneurs are gaining riches by launching software firms. When you compile a list of newly affluent entrepreneurs in India, China, or the United States, you'll discover that the majority of them are in the technology industry. Similarly, if you poll people you know who have advanced quickly in their careers, you'll find that the majority of them have used technology in some capacity. This aspect of the narrative has been rather adequately documented. However, we must recognise that, while practically everyone today understands the fundamentals of technology, demonstrated expertise with it is a differentiating element. This is the point at which formal reskilling and education comes into play.

With technological disruption rapidly resulting in an increase in the number of automated jobs, the prospect of additional unemployment in the near future has raised alarms, thus making technical advancement an utmost asset for setting foot in the professional field. Moving up the income ladder in such a competitive environment requires an aspirant to follow a path of self-improvement. Upskilling, online degrees, certificates, studying from home, projects, world-class instructors, and more are all part of this journey.

Applicants are also taking a note of this new regime focussed more on unlearning and relearning. The IT graduates who aspire to work for globally renowned product-based companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are learning newer technologies and participating in coding competitions because landing a job as a software engineer in these product-based companies requires understanding the dynamically changing tech world. However, in addition to holding the requisite abilities, competence, and information, aspiring individuals can secure desired jobs in these product-based companies if they up their game through reskilling.

It is not easy to decide how to choose an upskilling course, given that there is a huge flood of educators. Below mentioned are some criteria to keep in mind while enrolling for online course certifications:

Evaluate course flexibility: It's not easy to learn while working a nine-hour shift. With deadlines looming every day at work, you'll need to strike a work-life balance as well. As a result, it's critical to assess and select a course that provides you with the flexibility you require at any given time. Several online courses offer the convenience of self-paced learning and course completion in a set number of hours. Consider all of your possibilities and pick a course that will allow you to manage both upskilling and your profession.

Check course credentials: You may learn from industry professionals by selecting the correct online course. However, it's also crucial to assess the course curriculum's quality and determine how well it will enhance your learning and skill sets. The majority of these online courses also include certifications. Before enrolling in any upskilling course, it's a good idea to think about all of these factors.

The course should have a well-researched curriculum: Choose an online course that will help you improve your experience or knowledge in a specific field while keeping your primary skills in mind. The first choice should be to expand your knowledge in your current domain and aim to expand vertically with other certifications and skill sets.

There is a road to a better salary; you don't have to be completely reliant on a recruiter to discover your hidden potential. The path is to pursue a certain type of technological education, one that corresponds to your job option and future aim. Improve your skills by identifying the important factors that will aid you in making a decision. Last but not the least, an appealing resume brimming with practical experience, great programming abilities, and strong networking will help you land your dream job.

All the best!

The author is Co-Founder, Newton School

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