Why We Spend The Way We Do

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Why We Spend The Way We Do
One should not judge another for their money choices unless the person is getting impacted by it
Larissa Fernand - 30 April 2023
Let me start by sharing a real-life experience and the reaction that followed on social media. The story begins with an individual ordering a sandwich on Swiggy. Let’s call him Kiran. Kiran was telling me how one has to budget for a higher amount when opting for the convenience of an online delivery. And yes, convenience comes at a steep cost. This is what Kiran showed me on a food-delivery account: Sandwich: Rs 138.09 Packing: Rs 25 Delivery Partner Fee: Rs 51 Taxes: Rs 6.90 Tip: Rs 70 I posted this on Twitter with just one statement: A Rs 138 sandwich is now Rs 291! Well, the comments were brutal. Not surprising, as people love to outrage on social media. People questioned as to why the individual could not make a sandwich at home; also labelled the person as lazy. They wondered who would order a sandwich that costs so much. And I was even accused of spreading “fake news” and maligning the food-delivery app. While I was flummoxed at the judgement received, I want to focus only on one aspect—the money angle. The majority had a huge problem with the tip of...
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