Why Is Goal-Focused Investment Key To Long-Term Wealth?

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Why Is Goal-Focused Investment Key To Long-Term Wealth?
Goal-Focused Investment Is Key To Long-Term Wealth
Neeraj Chauhan - 01 November 2022
Sudhir Kochhar, 49, runs a travel agency. His family comprises his wife, daughter Samiya (19), and son Shrihan (12). He counts himself as a happy and satisfied investor. His investments are goal-based, and he is also disciplined in his approach towards investing. Kochhar began investing in mutual funds about eight years ago. Since then, his portfolio has grown at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8 per cent, with the debt-to-equity allocation being at a healthy 22:78 ratio. It was in July 2014 that Kochhar was introduced to Neeraj Chauhan, a mutual fund distributor and proprietor of The Financial Mall, a financial services firm. Says Chauhan: “One of our clients referred me to Kochhar. I was pleasantly surprised to see his desire to achieve certain goals, such as  children’s education, retirement, and financial freedom. He was quite sincere and clear-headed about his goals and the time frame.” Kochhar was also very open to discussions, and shared detailed information with Chauhan to help him work on the financial goals. This helped Chauhan to figure...
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