The Numbers Speak for 2019

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The Numbers Speak for 2019
The Numbers Speak for 2019
Farzana Suri - 07 January 2019

Yes, it’s 2019! Congratulations, not just for the new year but the opportunity to write another chapter in the book of your life.

2018 was all about the need for BALANCE - in careers, relationships, and well, just about anything, including the environment. The world witnessed a spate of natural disasters from violent rain, raging wild fires, earthquakes, tsunami, almost every few weeks; giving rise to the need for environmental consciousness and sustainability. Truth found its way from behind the closeted folds. You saw the rise of feminine influences with women across the world, galvanizing the #metoo movement into the mainstream. The lack of corporate governance in the banking and financial sector saw heads roll in India and the globe.

In numerology, every number has meaning and directly influences your world. When you reduce 2019 (2+0+1+9), it adds up to a 3, Universal year.  The Universal year, defines the overall theme of 2019. It indicates how to make the most of the energy the year may present to us and which aspects affect us.

The Universal year 3 is about creativity, self-expression, optimism, learning, travel, transformation, and opportunities. The year can be bountiful or create unpredictable moments that stall your effort, or is likely to be both.

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