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OLM Desk - 31 March 2021

Let me get the copy first. Guess it is on Fund Managers who are women. There are others too who aren’t. Everyone has to eke out a living and life has to go on. Men do contribute too. After all that’s what family comprises, although the balance may be tilted either side.

Dr Saurav Das, Founder, Agile People Solutions

May be an unpopular opinion, but I will dive right in. I did not see this as negative as so many of the linkedin comments. It is kind of cheesy (I will give you that). But not ill intentioned. Trying to convey a message of transformation for women with a catchy caption. Maybe it was even well intentioned but didn’t land? My 2 cents; we cannot start seeing sexism in everything; and blaming the ‘patriarchy’ just because some poor copywriter (who may have been male or female) made a choice of tagline that was kind of cheesy.

Vidya Chandra, Product Manager at WhatsApp Inc

I have approved campaigns and copies pretty much all my life. I may not have reviewed covers, but under my eye, this cover would have been sent straight back for rework. Do you see why? Would you let this get published?

Arti Gupta, Co-Founder at StyleNook

Ahead of the #internationalwomensday2021, I got #featured in #OutlookMoney as they were looking for women who dared to chase their dreams and had been thriving in the corporate world even after a long break in their career. #internationalwomensday #career #success #bisleriindia #bislerizone #womenpower #choosetochallenge

Hiral Udani, Corporate HR and Head - Talent acquisition, Bisleri International

We are celebrating international women’s day with a #choosetochallenge theme this year. A cover like this fails to celebrate every woman’s effort to challenge patriarchy, gender biases, inequalities to stand tall as an achiever in her field of choice.

Paromita Deb Areng, IIM Alumnus

Her Funds, Let Her Take A Call

The cover story Chores to Crores by Himali Patel strengthens the multitasking abilities and excellence of women in practically every domain. A much larger number of women however need to realize that they live longer than men. Taking care of their finances has to be a priority area. The subject, unfortunately, remains neglected, non-encouraging. A wider spread through school and college, corporate and household can certainly add value. A sizable number does not even have a bank account in her name, leave aside the participation in financial decisions. While the direction of awareness is set, what is required now is sustainable speed.

Sanjeev Dawar, AMFI-registered MF distributor

A Small Step For Her, A Giant Leap For Herself

Hiral, Debjani, Arpita, Pranali, Juhi - these are all household names, but their extraordinary approach towards life and the ability to rise high from the ashes is not common in every household. I hope every man and woman of this country gets to read the stories of these five women and their courageous deeds, and hope more names get added to the list.

Abhishek Guha, Bangalore

Care For A Cover

Diseases like cancer and diabetes are silent killers that destroy millions of families every year in India. It is disheartening to know that WHO has already declared that one person out of every 15 Indian families will die of cancer, and according to the National Cancer Registry Programme (NCRP), India’s cancer burden could shoot up from 1.39 million in 2020 to 1.57 million in 2025. Recently, I had to lose someone because of this deadly disease, hence the story has struck a chord with me. Due to lack of awareness, we took the normal mediclaim policy, which hardly covered the entire treatment. It is very important for us to understand the difference between a normal and specific health policy, especially when we are approaching a phase where cancer and diabetes are going to turn into common diseases in almost every household.

Ritesh Aggarwal, Delhi

12 Steps To Education In 2021

This article is the need of the hour for all those who have been struggling to fit into this new education system. I want to thank Prof Ujjwal K Chaudhury for saying out loud that education now calls for higher and more proactive involvement of policymakers in governance, entrepreneurs in private sectors, administrators in both public and private institutions, faculty members, or mentors and learners or students. Even though we were gradually approaching the era of automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, the crisis has fast-tracked the journey, which is becoming difficult for many learners to adapt to technology in sync with changing times. However, I am sure, the great minds of this generation will make it happen.

S Raghavan, Chennai

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