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OLM Desk - 29 October 2022

Market Outlook

The strong performance of the Indian market vis-a-vis some of its major global counterparts provides confidence and assurance to both domestic and foreign investors. Light the Right Equity Lamp highlights the Indian market’s resilience and grit in the face of economic turbulence in the West. The Russia-Ukraine war has consumed much of the West’s time and efforts in defusing that tension than solving the looming economic disaster in its own backyard, unleashed by rising inflation, the fear of a possible energy crisis in Europe, and supply-chain woes. India, however, has managed to sail through the storm quite impressively, at least for now. The article talked about the growing optimism in the market, backed by some solid investing data on domestic and foreign institutional investors. It is true that India’s better GDP growth forecast versus other major world economies would help deepen the positive sentiments and attract more foreign and domestic investors to the market. In addition, the festive mood surrounding Diwali, Christmas, and New Year, coupled with investors’ current high confidence, will likely keep the forward momentum going in the Indian market post the holidays.

–Abhinash Goel, email

OLM 50

The ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund will be worth exploring now that it has found a place on the OLM 50 list. I have picked up several funds from the list over the past few months, and I must admit it has never been a disappointment. The OLM 50 review has rekindled my hopes in my investments. I am thrilled after having picked the Nippon India Small Cap Fund. It has done an excellent job, giving me significant returns in a short time. However, I can’t say if that will continue, given the continued volatility in the market. I believe regular in-depth updates on each fund on the list will help many investors like me who track the OLM 50 list.

–Sandeep Tiwari, email

Health Cover

No doubt, subscribing to a group health insurance policy could be of immense help as first-layer security for self and family. But unfortunately, while most companies have group health insurance policies, many have yet to provide such benefits. It is critical because the private sector, mainly small and medium-sized businesses, is the biggest employment provider. No wonder a large part of the population remains out of health coverage, although there could be other factors. Security In Numbers talks about this reality, while underscoring the importance of having an individual policy as a backup in addition to a group health insurance plan. I have been lucky in this regard as my company provides quite a robust health insurance policy, covering all my family members, including my old dependent parents. I also have an individual policy, just in case I move to another workplace or face job loss.

–Devender Tokas, email

The Cost Of Living
Renting Vs Buying What Works For You?