Take Cover From Monsoon Mayhem

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Take Cover From  Monsoon Mayhem
Meghna Maiti - 28 July 2022
Relief and pain—this year, the monsoon caused both, and in equal measure. The showers provided the much-needed relief from the searing heat, but in some places they caused massive floods, uprooting people, and destroying crops and infrastructure. Assam, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh—no part of India was spared the fury. While we cannot do much about floods and nature’s way, what we can do is take adequate insurance cover to monetarily protect against the damage caused by floods. Here are the common insurance covers for flood-related damages. Car Insurance Car insurance policies (both standard as well as comprehensive coverage) provide protection against damages caused by accidents and natural calamities. But they do not cover damages, such as engine damage in floods, tyre burst, or breakdown. Says Rakesh Goyal, director, Probus Insurance Broker, an InsureTech platform: “Even a comprehensive insurance plan won’t cover things like ‘engine not working due to flooding’. Also, insurance companies don’t pay for any...
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