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Outlook Money Awards 2021
Outlook Money Awards 2021
OLM Desk - 31 December 2022

The Outlook Money Awards 2021 are finally out. Though there has been an unprecedented delay this time, we think it’s better late than never. The Outlook Money Awards go to six winners across categories. Six other companies have been chosen in the Editor’s Choice Awards section for their exemplary contributions in their fields. To identify the categories, parameters, methodology and, finally, the winners, we consulted an expert panel of four jury members.

Our knowledge partner for the exercise was CareEdge, who ran the numbers, submitted by individual companies in some cases, and culled out from the websites in case of others.

Some of the categories we decided upon were dropped because there were too few nominations. Also, we have only considered companies that are not under any investigation from any of the regulators, according to information available in the public domain till September 2022.

The Jury

The jury was headed by G.N. Bajpai, former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) and former chairman of the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). He is renowned for his visionary leadership and exemplary integrity, and has spearheaded various reforms in India.

Deena Mehta is the promoter of the Asit C. Mehta group of companies. She is also on the board of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), as well as the chairperson of IMC Capital Market Committee. She was the first woman president of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and director on the board of BSE, among her previous stints.

Ajay Bagga, the executive chairman of OPC Asset Solutions, is among the most respected experts in the Indian financial industry. He has served on various financial industry committees and think tanks and has also been the chairman of the Financial Planning Standards Board of India, apart from heading asset management companies and other institutions in the past.

Sushant Bhansali, CEO of Ambit Asset Management, has over 18 years of experience. Before joining the asset management vertical, he led Ambit’s Principal Investment business for six years during which the team delivered superlative returns.

The Categories

The categories chosen for the awards this time were Public Sector Bank of the Year, Private Sector Bank of the Year, Home Loan (Overall) Provider of the Year, Home Loan (Affordable) Provider of the Year, Debt Fund House of the Year, Equity Fund House of the Year, Life Insurer of the Year, Non-Life Insurer of the Year, and Institutional Financial Distributor of the Year.

Out of these, three categories—Home Loan (Overall) Provider of the Year, Home Loan (Affordable) Provider of the Year, and Institutional Financial Distributor of the Year—were dropped because there were few nominations.

For the Editor’s Choice Awards, the categories were as follows: Passive Fund House of the Year, Innovative Approach to Investor Education, Most Trusted Life Insurer Of The Year, Most Trusted Non-Life Insurer Of The Year, Retail Broker (Full Service) of the Year and Institutional Financial Distributor Of The Year towards the end.

Broad Parameters

For evaluating the applicants, broad parameters were considered (tabulated below with their weightage and description).


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