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Meet The NFTians
(L-R) Trikivarma, The Conqueror; The Divine Feminine. Artwork by Mukul Kapoor
Harsh Kumar - 28 April 2022
Deepakshi Aggarwal, a 23-year-old Chandigarh-based illustrator, graphic designer, 2D artist and visualiser, was struggling to get fair credit for her artwork. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) changed the canvas for her. “NFTs are the cherry on the top. I started my journey in the NFT world about seven months back, and I am overwhelmed by the support and the experience,” says Deepakshi, whose biggest NFT collection has 313 renditions of the character Nom Nom. Apart from finding a much wider market for her art, Deepakshi has been able to earn around $7,000 (about Rs 5.36 lakh) through the sales of her NFTs, most of which she has donated to animal welfare NGOs. The most she has earned is 0.12 Ether (ETH), about  $3,040.92. “Not only my art style is starting to get recognised, I am also able to fulfil my childhood dream of doing something for animals through NFTs,” says Deepakshi, who started making NFTs in October 2021 on the marketplace of Indian crypto exchange, WazirX and OpenSea, which is among the largest NFT marketplaces. (L-R) Fly; L’amour de ma...
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