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Invest Abroad To Study Abroad
Special Story
Meghna Maiti - 28 July 2022
Mumbai-based entrepreneur and investor Anuj Munot (45) would like both his children—Vardhan (18) and Aaradhya (10)—to pursue their higher education overseas. “We want our chidlren to pursue both their under-graduation and post-graduation in universities overseas. Since my son is in Class XII now, we are already looking at colleges in the US for his undergraduate studies,” says Munot. Munot has had this clarity since his children were much younger. So, when he started investing five years ago for this goal, he ensured that a part of his portfolio was investing in dollar-denominated products. Primarily, he has angel investments in start-ups and buys US-listed stocks. The latter, he says, will help him neutralise the side-effects of currency depreciation. The number of Indian students who are seeking education abroad has been increasing. According to data from the Ministry of External Affairs, as of January 2021, there were more than 1.09 million Indian students studying in as many as 85 countries abroad. Of these, most of them are studying in Canada and the US,...
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