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Creditor Queen
Hena Jain Tatia, StuCred
Sampurna Majumder - 10 March 2020

Henna Jain Tatia is among those ambitious entrepreneurs who have busted the age-old myths that “women afraid of Mathematics and they seldom succeed as a leader in the world of finance”. Known for excellent analytical skills and a sharp mind, Henna, the alumna of University of St Andrew (Scotland), is a postgraduate in Economics and International Relations. When she was studying abroad with her brother, Jaijash Tatia, the dynamic sibling duo realises that many of their college mates borrow money from banks as interest-free overdrafts that allow financial flexibility to students in times of need (end of every month). Moving back to India, it became alarmingly clear student-friendly financial service options are not available here. It is there that the idea germinated and the siblings after discussing with each other decided to do something to solve the problem. And so, the StuCred journey began.

As Tatia is armed with a degree in Economics, it helped her lot to embark a successful journey in the finance sector. The siblings dedicated almost a year to get the hang of the situation.

After finalising the nitty-gritty of financing the students, they realised that the job has to be in sync with the technological developments as most of the students these days are tech-savvy. Realising that the students want everything on their fingertips even if they need it urgently they will not like to do the legwork, as it will mean wasting precious study time.

Thus, StuCred was born. StuCred, a Chennai-based fintech start-up, is an exclusively designed revolutionary app, aimed to empower college students with formal financial inclusion and to give them a head start in building their credit scores. StuCred has the potential to tackle thousands of loan requests every second, can authenticate a student’s identity within microseconds and then make automatic loan transfers in a minute of them requesting for it.

Now, her motto in life is to empower students in India with formal financial inclusion and financial flexibility; helping them build their credit.

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