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Behind The Scenes
Many companies that have financial products use celebrities in their ads to attract consumers
Harsh Kumar - 30 March 2022
Retail investors these days are aware about most financial instruments—from insurance to mutual funds and now cryptocurrencies—with more and more companies pushing advertisements everywhere. Apart from being on billboards, television and newspapers, the advertisements flash on the boundaries of sports arenas, interrupt mobile games and pop up on every other app, from food ordering to booking. The advertisement market is growing in size. GroupM, a US-based media investment company, forecasts the total ad spends across media in India to cross `1 lakh crore in 2022, with digital set to overtake TV as the largest advertising medium. Most ads do what they are meant to—highlight the benefits of a product to attract buyers. “Advertisements not only affect the consumer psychology but also boost consumer confidence as people are shown gaining positive results, thus, pushing the demand further,” says Aditya Sharma, advocate on record, Supreme Court of India. However, whether the ads familiarise retail investors with the nuances and risks of various products is a...
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