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India's Best Mutual Funds 2023 Are Here, Time To Make An Informed Choice

Outlook Money’s India’s Best Funds 2023 issue aims to empower you with valuable insights and analysis, to enable you to take well-informed decisions on the funds you already own or the ones you plan to invest into

What Works Best For You

Even when you are consulting a professional advisor, you need to do some amount of due diligence on your own to make sure you are on the right track

Beware Of Risks But Embrace Advice To Build Wealth

The path to wealth creation is not just a strategy or mitigating risks but also about the investor’s trust in a financial planner’s advice that could determine the success of their investments.



Here’s How To File Your Income Tax Return

The last date of filing income tax return (ITR) is round the corner. It’s important to file your ITR within the due date and with the correct form to avoid penalties and make the most of tax benefits available to you

Credit Score Tales Of Hits ‘N’ Misses

Maintaining a good credit score is important. Here are eight tales of credit scores, late payments, and a near-perfect 894 as we observed the Credit Score Awareness Week

5 Yoga Principles That Can Improve Your Money Life

Yoga’s core principles of balance, nutrition, patience, discipline and mindfulness can be extended to enrich your financial life?

Why SIPs Are A Perfect Tool To Create Long-Term Wealth

Systematic investment plans (SIPs) aren’t the apple of the investor’s eye without reason, as they offer convenience and the power of compounding to help you create wealth.

F.I.R.E for Child: A Path to Financial Independence for the Next Generation

Financial independence and retirement are closely linked, so it is essential to teach children about money management and savings early on for a burden-free life later.

Freedom SIP’s Dual Strategy Delivers Multiple Benefits

A Freedom SIP combines the benefits of a Systematic Investment Plan and a Systematic Withdrawal Plan to deliver goal- and withdrawal-oriented results.

Mutual Fund Investments Should Match Your Risk Profile And Goals

Mutual fund investments need careful consideration of various aspects like the scheme’s objective, performance, etc., but more importantly, your risk-taking ability and goals.

Allocating Diverse Asset Classes Equally Doesn’t Guarantee Success

Allocating equally different asset classes in a portfolio does not guarantee the success of your investment; instead, focus on the pros and cons of each asset class before deciding.

Investment Lessons From The Beautiful Game

The patience of accumulating runs (SIP units) and maintaining the momentum (regular investing) can be crucial

Will Mars Mean The Moon To Retirees?

The pension regulator’s MARS, which envisages delivering minimum assured returns, could give a new fillip to NPS by drawing more conservative investors into the scheme

Explainer: What Are State Development Loans?

States raise funds from the market through the Reserve Bank of India by issuing bonds known as state development loans. We tell you what these are and if they work for you

Did You Sign Up For That Debt Recovery Call?

If you opt to be a loan guarantor, lenders can recover the dues from you if the primary borrower defaults. But if you didn’t sign up and still got that call, here’s what may have gone wrong and what to do about it