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The Pocket Aide To Sort Your Finances

New-age apps traverse the financial landscape to cater to all the needs of an individual, from budgeting and spending, to investing and borrowing, to securing their lives and transactions. Some of these apps have been around for some time, but there have been several innovations post Covid. We browse different domains to tell you what’s in store and what to watch out for

Why It Pays To Pay For Info-Security

Book excerpt from The Bee, The Beetle And The Money Bug



Talk Back

Talk Back

Homebuyer’s Guide To Hyderabad

Homebuyer’s Guide To Hyderabad

Why Your Home Cover Needs Attention

A house is much more valuable than a car, yet, people pay hefty insurance for their vehicles while ignoring homes, which are vulnerable to natural calamities or accidents accidents

Here’s How To Port A Health Insurance Policy

Here’s How To Port A Health Insurance Policy

Switching Jobs? Your Tax Life May Change Too

A job change could put you in a higher tax bracket and overburden you with unpaid taxes at the time of filing your returns if you don’t estimate your tax liability for the full financial year and skip key paperwork

Lowest Loan, Highest FD Rates

A look at where you will pay the lowest EMIs for home, car and personal loans, and get the most out of fixed deposits

FM Pushes For New Tax Regime: Is It Good For You?

In her Budget Speech in Parliament on February 1, 2023, Union Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman made a slew of announcements, providing major benefits under the new tax regime, but kept the old untouched.

Income Tax Guide: What Are The Changes In Slabs, Deductions & Exemptions In Old & New Regimes?

Income Tax Guide: What Are The Changes In Slabs, Deductions & Exemptions In Old & New Regimes?

What’s In Store For Salaried Class?

The Union Budget brought in a lot of changes in the tax slabs, but did not add to the deduction limits under Section 80C of the Income-tax Act, 1961

Fiscal Deficit Target Boosts Bonds

If you have invested in debt mutual funds or planning to buy one, this would be the appropriate time, as yields will likely stabilise with the pace of interest rate hikes slowing

Will ELSS Lose Its Sheen?

The government is moving towards the new tax regime, which does not offer any deductions. In this scenario, what’s the future of the tax-saving ELSS?

How Population Growth Can Affect Your Income

With rising population adding to the number of dependents, Indians need to brace for a rough period of higher healthcare and tuition bills, courtesy, seniors and juveniles

Invest In Safe Avenues For Short-Term Goals

Invest In Safe Avenues For Short-Term Goals

What Is A Senior Citizen Savings Scheme? Know Tax, Eligibility, Maturity & More

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, in her 2023-24 budget speech, announced an increase in the maximum deposit limit for Senior Citizen Savings Scheme (SCSS) from 15 lakh to Rs 30 lakh.

Auto Expo 2023: The Future Is Green

The highlight of Auto Expo 2023 was EVs and alternative fuel powered technology, such as plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell batteries. A look at the major showcases and launches

Steer Your Mutual Fund Investment Drive Yourself

Mutual fund direct plans completed a decade of their existence in January. We explain the DNA of direct funds and try to figure out why retail investors are not taking to them in a big way despite the fact that they give higher returns than regular plans

Make Your Money Work For You

To make your financial goals attainable, it is crucial to become articulate about both near- and long-term goals. This way, you will not inadvertently insert roadblocks in your own path

Onus On Taxpayers

It’s time for investors to look at tax-saving instruments in a new light, for what they are worth, and realise that the tax benefit was just an additional advantage