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The Cost Of Living

How much does it really cost to live? The answer to this simple question may not be so simple. There are tangibles, of course, but the intangibles may hold equal sway

Renting Vs Buying What Works For You?

Our numbers tip the scales in favour of renting, but buying or renting a house is usually a deeply personal choice. For some, the sense of security that buying a house provides is unmatched. Others prefer to live on rent to enjoy the perks of having the freedom to switch jobs and locations at will

Affordable Bargain: Can Low-Cost Housing Be A Plausible Choice?

With real estate prices rising and banks raising interest rates, buyers’ affordability has taken a hit. In this scenario, can affordable housing projects, which are not only priced lower but also come with certain incentives, be a plausible choice? Let’s find out

What It Means To Own A House

Buying or renting a house is an emotional decision and depends on personal needs and preferences, rather than being purely measured by numbers and logic

Why Is Goal-Focused Investment Key To Long-Term Wealth?

Sudhir Kochhar had made the right plans for achieving his financial goals. But even foolproof plans need proper execution, more so, if the road becomes a bit turbulent midway. Discipline and patience are the key to investing

Rising G-Sec Yields Signal Rate Hike

The interest rates of small savings schemes are currently much lower than the reference rate they are pegged to. Hence, a rate hike in the medium term is highly probable



Talk Back

Talk Back

Homebuyer’s Guide To Gurugram

Homebuyer’s Guide To Gurugram

RBI’s CBDC: What It Entails For Users

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on October 7, 2022, released a ‘Concept Note’ on central bank digital currency (CBDC), a legal tender in e-form. The note discusses the technology, design, uses of CBDC, issuance process, etc. Here is an overview of what it entails for users.

Lowest Loan, Highest FD Rates

A look at where you will pay the lowest EMIs for home, car and personal loans, and get the most out of fixed deposits

Money Lessons: How To Build Healthy Financial Habits In Your Children

Teaching children the essence of money from an early age is important. That will help them understand the value of money, how much effort it goes in earning money, and why it is important to save and spend wisely, and not be a spendthrift

Digital Pocket Money Apps: Pros And Cons, How They Work

Digital pocket money apps, such as Muvin, FamPay and Junio, are trying to replicate the pocket money concept in the digital world. But should you, as a parent, let your child use them?

Do You Need To Work On Your Child’s Money Habits?

Take this quiz along with your child to find out if your child is handling money maturely and has healthy financial habits. If not, there’s still time to work along with your child to inculcate financial discipline. Score yourself at the end

Target Maturity Funds Offer Ample Liquidity

Target maturity funds (TMFs) provide significant liquidity, stability and diversification in the debt portfolio, besides serving as a buffer against market risks

Funds To Watch: SBI Small-Cap Mutual Fund & ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund

Small-cap mutual funds are riskier compared to their large- and mid-cap counterparts, as they invest in relatively smaller or nascent companies that may be under-researched.

All You Need To Know About Passive Mutual Funds

Passive mutual funds give similar returns to the index they are tracking as they invest in the same stocks, in the same proportion

Two Lenses To Look At The Stock Market

When it comes to equity investing, there is always a plurality attached to the investments. Each investor has a unique approach to the market. But broadly, investors either wear short-sighted or far-sighted lens.

It’s Time To Add Debt In Your Portfolio And Practice Asset Allocation

It is important to include debt in your portfolio as they provide a cushion in the event of a sharp fall, and proper asset allocation is the smart way to do that

Tata Motors’ Range Of Trucks: Leading Ahead Towards A Safer Era Of Mobility

Tata Motors’ Range Of Trucks: Leading Ahead Towards A Safer Era Of Mobility

The Perfect Salary Break-Up Doesn’t Exist

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to salary structures. Companies create them commensurate with the employees’ experience and expectations

Why Alternative Investments Could Be Risky For First-Timers

Alternative Investments Risky For First-Timers

What Does Financial Planning Mean?

Financial planning is long-term commitment. Unfortunately, many people delay the process due to lack of knowledge, because they feel they are not read for it and other reasons.

Key To Financial Planning And Intelligent Investing

Financial planning is the bedrock of thoughtful investing. Without proper financial planning, investments can go haywire. But it is easier said than done. Financial planning requires diligent understanding of one’s financial resources, future goals and how those resources can be utilised in pursuit of such goals.

Building Portfolio With Exchange-Traded Funds

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have caught the fancy of investors.

How Indian Indices Are Poised To Beat Global Downturn

The changing market dynamics, and churning of constituent stocks in the Indian indices herald a new upside for the benchmarks