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Making Sense Of The Market Leap

Low interest rates, corporate deleveraging and retail frenzy push Sensex above 60,000 in September. Let’s understand the rationale behind the bull run and why retail investors need to be cautious amid the euphoria.

Better Earnings Outlook Driving Nifty

Indian equities are riding on massive capital inflow from foreign as well as domestic investors, including retail participants. Rajiv Ranjan Singh spoke with Gaurav Misra, head of equities, Mirae Asset Mutual Fund, about the market euphoria and what’s driving it. Misra manages Mirae Asset Focused Fund, which has an asset under management (AUM) of Rs 7,756 crore, and co-manages Mirae Asset Large Cap Fund, with an AUM of Rs 30,756 crore.

Ride The Bull, Cautiously

To participate in wealth creation, it is important to remain invested and to invest systematically, irrespective of whether the Sensex is at 58,000 or 60,000 or 62,000.

Key Lies In Prudent Asset Allocation

Investment opportunities come knocking on the door but capitalising on them depends on the distribution of money across investment instruments

The Death Of Debt In Money Market

Debt now makes a compelling alliteration, ignoble, irrational and inconsequential, for most investors. Credit management has become all the more crucial with market dynamics evolving every moment

The Epic Of The Erratic Investor

The do-it-yourself. investors often end up with the wrong stock because they trust what they hear and what they see, instead of what they could learn on their own.

Is The NFO Euphoria Good For Investors?

New fund offers are being launched a dime a dozen. But does it make sense for investors to subscribe to them?

Is It Based On Fear Or Knowledge?

The obsession over the yellow metal goes back to the ancient days. It has always been a symbol of wealth and power, but has the psychology behind buying gold changed over the decades?

Epoch Of Change And Renewed Experimentation

The Indian art auction market confidently stood its ground through 2020 and continues to do so. Let us delve into a few of the creative expressions of artists who represent modern Indian art.

Daring The Third Wave

The equity market boom is based on strong fundamentals. Aided by a rapid vaccination drive and economic recovery, India is unlikely to be wounded badly even if Covid breaks out again.

Is The Grass Greener For Unicorns?

An unstoppable rally is being witnessed among the start-ups when it comes to initial public offerings. But, once listed, companies fall into the greater purview of the government, the market, and investor sentiments. We talk about the challenges and criticisms these start-ups may face after entering the new domain

For Sunshine In Sundown Days

Retired life can be 25 years or more and you need to work out your finances to make it a journey of comfort. Mutual funds can be one of the best options to park your money for this period when expenses would be more regular than incomes.

Tech Shows The Way To SMEs’ Revival

As the Coronavirus continues to exist and move freely across nations, the Indian economy had to stand back at its feet and rebuild itself. MSMEs and SMEs were badly bruised by the pandemic, and its remedy is machine intelligence, data security and cloud computing, among others.

Of Gen Z & Crypto Calls

Millennials opting for cryptocurrencies outnumber those investing in gold by over 100 per cent. In fact, since October, Gold ETFs saw an outflow of $7 billion, while Bitcoin logged in $2 billion inflow.

Learning The Tricks Of The Trade

A new breed of traders wants to become financially literate before venturing into the stock market.



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Talk Back

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