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The Power Women

As women continue to scale newer heights in every field, we write an ode to 20 great women in the Indian financial sector.

Making the Capital Vibrant

Intermediaries, a link between the owner of the resource and the one who needs the resource, can be individuals or institutions, like investment banks, brokers or others. These entities help markets function smoothly, making it a vibrant place to carry out trades as well as prove to be a much-needed relief to market regulators. It is in this context, we present the top 20 intermediaries that have made our investments look a easy job.

The Great Indian Financial Frauds

We look at 20 of the most prominent scam that hit India space

Policies that Shaped Indian Economy

We have also tried to put the historical perspective of each decision, so that readers are able to appreciate it better.

Looking For A Perfect Home?

A real estate investment is usually a high-involvement, relatively infrequent and an intensely due-diligence-based decision. Its large ticket size as compared to other asset classes makes it a high-risk and a long-term investment. We have selected 20 top markets where such investments can be gainfully made. The contributors examined all critical variables that an investor would look for to make a real estate investment.

The Buck Stops Here

Outlook Money on its 20th anniversary has decided to honour such investors. The list has been decided by the jury looking at investors who have helped other people make money.