Is Your Car Ready for Monsoon?

Having an engine protection cover, as an add-on ensures that the insurer bears the expenses incurred

Is Your Car Ready for Monsoon?
Is Your Car Ready for Monsoon?
Sanjay Datta - 06 July 2021

Driving your car during the monsoon calls for an extra level of caution. You need to navigate your way through muddy roads, huge potholes and encounter deep water logging which could make the journey really difficult.

Having said that, the monsoon season could also very well take a toll on your car’s well-being in several ways, and it’s prudent to shield yourself and your vehicle from the financial losses that are likely to occur during this time of the year. This is where motor insurance comes into the picture and assumes an importance of gigantic proportions.

Likely Damages to Your Car during Monsoon

Monsoon, in several parts of the country, is not only accompanied by heavy rains but also gusty winds that are powerful enough to uproot trees and electric poles. Scenes of trees falling on cars damaging the entire structure are not uncommon during the monsoon season. Such an incident not only causes extensive damage to the car but is also a financial setback for the owner.

However, things are radically different with a comprehensive motor insurance policy. The financial losses are minimised to a great extent as the insurer compensates for the damages suffered. All you need to do is to intimate the insurer about the loss, submit the relevant documents, and the insurer settles your claims after proper assessment.

Water seeping into your car’s interior and AC housing is quite common during this time of the year. The damages could be extensive and burn a hole in your pocket. However, comprehensive motor insurance gives you peace of mind as you know your insurer would compensate for the damages handsomely.

Damage to the Engine - The Car’s Heart

The engine is undoubtedly the heart of any car. Deep water logging due to heavy rainfall can result in water seeping into the car’s engine, causing it to malfunction. Repairing a damaged engine or changing it altogether is an expensive proposition that can set you back by a few lakhs of rupees.

However, having an engine protection cover, as an add-on, with your motor insurance policy ensures that the insurer bears the expenses incurred for repairing the engine. Available at a nominal premium, an engine protection cover along with motor insurance better prepares you and your car to face the onslaught of monsoons.

Also, with add-ons like roadside assistance, you can quickly call for help if you are stuck in the middle of the road in the event of your car breaking down amid torrential rains. If your vehicle needs to be towed to the nearest garage, a simple call to your insurer will do the job for you.

Summing it Up

As evident, preparing your car for monsoons not only calls for checking the tire pressure, ensuring proper functioning of car lights, and replacing cracked windshields, among others. You must also make sure to avail yourself of comprehensive motor insurance along with relevant add-ons to sail through. Compare the covers offered by multiple insurers and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

The author is the Chief - Claims, Underwriting and Reinsurance, ICICI Lombard General Insurance

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