Future proof your career

The way number of colleges are shutting shop, the message is clear-qualifications no more can guarantee you jobs

Future proof your career
Future proof your career
Narayan Krishnamurthy - 16 June 2017

Versatility is the need for survival in the job market. Today, it is also the much needed skill to get a job and retain it. Whichever career or industry you are in, evolution of oneself at work is essential for your career development. Time was different when an impressive resume could get you a job. That is no more the case, as jobs are no longer static and work is fast evolving than ever before. The 9-5 jobs no more exist and for many youngsters, 24X7 is the new job profile that many love to boast about.

Without getting into the merits or the lack of it, of being on call 24-hours a day, the need of the hour is to keep ahead through your own learning. The way the number of colleges, especially those with engineering and management degrees are shutting shop or finding lesser students taking admission, the message is clear—qualifications no more can guarantee you jobs. We are living in times where the skills needed to succeed are rapidly evolving and people in the work force are left to ask themselves, what should I be learning and what skills should I be developing to “future-proof” my career?

The answer is quite simple: to stay relevant in today’s time, one must demonstrate the capability to constantly learn. The number of skills you possess, the more you demonstrate the ability to adapt to complex and new emerging problems that you will face. Yes, it is impossible to have all skills, but it is possible to demonstrate your ability and intent to learn new skills.

Students should not be satisfied with academics alone. Employees should ask employers about continuing education opportunities, which not only shows you are committed to furthering your skills, but also working towards the growth of the organisation. Invest your time in nurturing your skills and helping your organisation solve problems so that you can leverage it when necessary. As we come to terms with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) of general conditions and situations, the writing on the wall is clear, you cannot avoid a job loss, but you can develop skills to stay relevant and employed.


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