A dream life

The desire to be an actress from childhood helped Payal Rajput to be where she is today

A dream life
A dream LIFE
Vaibhav Gupta - 10 March 2016

Mythology serials are a rage and Mahakumbh is the latest one to join the bandwagon. The lead actress in the serial is Payal Rajput, who in her own words was born to be a star. “Acting is like food for me without which I cannot survive,” she says.

She started her television career in Sapnon Se Bhare Naina and since then has been seen in several series and is waiting for the release of her upcoming film in Tamil—Irruvar Ullam. At 24, she is pretty clear with what she wants to do with her money, which is a lesson everyone should take a leaf out of.

What got you to acting?

I have always been very creative; acting is something that requires a lot of creativity and fame is what attracted me to choose this profession.

Tell us a little bit about your education.

I did my schooling from DAV Centenary Public School and then Mass Communication from Jagan Institute of Management Studies.

Did you train to be an actor?

No, I have not received any formal training. Acting comes naturally to me. I learned with experience. I make efforts to get into the skin of the character in order to give my best performance.

It is perceived that an actor’s life poses financial challenges given that not every actor is successful. Your views...

I disagree with this statement. Both good and bad phases come in everyone’s life. Actors are also human beings. What is more important is to face the bad phase in one’s life with a positive attitude; which is why it is essential that one plans their finances well in advance, to be better prepared for the future.

What are your views on the importance of money?

Money is like Oxygen, we run into problems when we don’t have enough. Money is important for me, but it is not everything in life. Some things are priceless.

How much cash do you carry in your purse?

Not much, I prefer using cards.

What do you spend on?

Cosmetics, and I love to buy clothes

Do you manage your investments yourself?

Yes I do. I also take my parents’ advice. In the past two years, I have become mature enough to handle my own finances.

Where have you invested?

I haven’t done much as yet. But, I plan to seen invest in property or mutual funds.

Which is your favourite film?

Jab We Met and Titanic are my favourites. I also like horror movies.

Which is your favourite book?

I love reading Osho books.

What is the secret to maintaining your health and fitness?

I have been blessed with a good body, but to maintain that I workout at least four times a week.

Your advice to aspiring actors?

Combination of hard work and luck matters in an actor’s life. People will pull you down; you have to continue doing your work with the same enthusiasm.

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