Blending Computing with AI & Machine Learning for Low Risk High Returns

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Liquidity in real estate may not be immediate, rate in FDs is low in comparison to equities’ returns in long term

Blending Computing with AI & Machine Learning for Low Risk High Returns
Blending Computing with AI & Machine Learning for Low Risk High Returns
OLM Spotlight - 03 July 2021

MD and Chairman Tirupati Rao J talks about Stampede Capital’s product range, using cutting-edge tools to cater to all categories of investors

How are Stampede’s Portfolio Management Services different from others?

Our services are delivered leveraging a unique Intelligent Investment Framework – driven by AI/ML-based algorithmic models. This makes us one of the few organizations in the world which blends Computing (Processing) Power with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to create the trade flow, to capture the volatility of the market that generates profit with limited risk.

Ours is the only PMS (Portfolio Management Services) product that is designed to deliver profits month on month.

How transparent is Stampede's PMS product?

Ours is a customised Portfolio Advisory Services, based on pre-signed Fund Management Agreements. And we strictly follow Sebi guidelines. Clients are given a feature to view and download statements.

I am a salaried employee and I have saved close to Rs 50 lakh. Can I opt for PMS over real estate / fixed deposits / mutual funds?

Liquidity in real estate may not be immediate, and the rate of interest in fixed deposits is low in comparison to equities’ returns in the long term. Hence, we advise PMS can be the best option if someone has a risk appetite. But one should also keep a note that investments in the securities market are subject to market risk.

An advantage with the equity market is liquidity or partial withdrawal whereas in others this may not be the case.

Does Stampede have any other products/services apart from PMS?

Yes, it does.

  • Mini Folios (This product will be launched by August 2021) is a readymade basket of stocks that are readily available with a combination of small-cap and mid-cap stocks where one can start investing as minimum as possible

  • Algo Trading is our trademark service

  • Online trading - Online trading is given to retail investors on both web and mobile apps

What is the growth plan of the organisation?

We are in the process of launching Merchant Banking, Mini Folios through Advisory Platform, Investment Banking, Market Making for Global Exchanges. In addition, we are planning to start our institutional advisory desk in Mumbai.

We are in the process of hiring over 500 people in this financial year across various functions and in various geographies within the country.

We have incorporated a company in the UK for hedge fund and FII related activities.

What have been the milestones in the journey so far after acquiring this organisation?

The major milestone so far is developing our own algorithmic trading platform which is giving consistent returns to our investors. In my 20 years of experience in the stock market and working with several organisations I have not seen that clients are getting positive returns month on month. Keeping this in mind, we have done a lot of brainstorming to develop a strategy and system to minimise the risk and generate at least a moderate return to investors. The results are phenomenal so far.

Can you elaborate on the Monthly Income Proposal for our readers?

Monthly Income Proposal is a service we provide to our trading account holders. It captures the volatility of the stock. It is our unique and indigenous algorithm designed and developed internally in such a way that it buys at a low price and sells at a higher price as a strategy without human intervention. Based on our historical experience, the investment's growth is over 18 per cent so far. It may vary also subject to market volatility. It is developed by keeping the emotional, financial, and strategic viewpoints of a large client base. Monthly Income Proposal is advised by us to medium and small-scale investors who are keen to leverage market benefits with Rs 5 lakh to start with, which works in the similar lines of our Portfolio Management Services.

Algo Trading is your trademark service, can you elaborate its mechanism?

Algorithm Driven Entry and Exit Strategy - with our aboriginal AI algorithm to decide the entry and exit with a focus on return maximisation. It has been strategized in such a way it leverages our indigenous algorithm to generate buy or sell which translates the entire trading activity into profits with a defined risk-reward ratio. This strategy has been developed in a view to keep capital preservation, which means the risk ratio in capital investment is minimal and focuses on return maximisation. In line with this approach, we invest customers’ investments in different intervals but not at one go. Our algo mainly focuses on capturing the volatility of the market to generate regular and consistent returns.

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