Upgrade Your Skills to Prepare for Future Growth

Look for assignments that require international exposure and connections

Upgrade Your Skills to Prepare for Future Growth
Upgrade Your Skills to Prepare for Future Growth
P.C. Chhabra - 26 July 2021

The job sector is ever-changing. Some of the job roles that people apply for, didn’t exist in the market 10 years ago, and might even disappear in the coming years.

To cope up with the future changes, we need to upgrade or change our skills. If you "fall behind the time", then you will have to struggle to sustain the changes. Some strategies and planning can help you blend with the changing future successfully.

Embrace the Change: - One thing we need to learn from pandemics is to be always ready to espouse the change. Even though it is hard to change the old habit, we can easily start with a new habit. One year ago, remote working was a fantasy but now most of the companies are accepting it even in the post-Covid-19 scenario.

Be Tech-Savvy: - Every year we see many new inventions in technology and even in the future, it is only going to upgrade itself. You should always keep your technical knowledge and skills up-to-date, even if it is not directly concerned with your current job profile.

You can learn new skills such as coding, wearable technology, or AI. It will only add value and benefit to your portfolio.

Be Financially Literate: - Only 17 per cent of citizens from Maharashtra, 32 per cent of citizens from Delhi, 21 per cent of citizens from West Bengal and 13 per cent of citizens from Punjab are financially literate. Overall only 24 per cent of the Indian population is financially literate. Developing countries are not much better off, it is a global problem. Today the concept of budgeting is alien to many millennials and even older people. To secure a future we need to be financially literate and we must include financial literacy in our school curriculum.

Invest Wisely: - Estimate says you need at least $1 billion to retire if you want to live for 30 years without working. The key to it is not to save aimlessly but to make smart investments. For example, if you are worried about future medical expenses, you should take life insurance that includes medical covers.

For that, you need to start early, diversify your portfolio, divide your goals into short-term and long-term goals.

Expand Your Verticals Globally: - Remote working and flexible work timings have opened up opportunities for you to work internationally. Look beyond and find out about the opportunities beyond borders related to your sector. Be open-minded to new technology and attitude. Businesses now are more globally and culturally diverse, than ever before and your clients, colleagues or stakeholders can be from different parts of the world.

You can embrace your abilities to work globally through working in diverse cultures. You should look for assignments that require international exposure and connections.

Just keep in mind that the future is going to bring opportunities that are unexpected or beyond our thinking. By taking steps today you can prepare yourself for the future.

The author is Executive Director, Sanskriti University

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