Skillset You Must Acquire for Career in New Normal Age

Boom in career skills demand helps shape your career in the post-pandemic world

Skillset You Must Acquire for Career in New Normal Age
Skillset You Must Acquire for Career in New Normal Age
Abhishek Gupta - 21 August 2021

The pandemic has turned our lives completely. Ever since the pandemic has hit our doors, we are mostly confined to our homes struggling with the very basics of building our careers. But we do need to be prepared for the world when the pandemic finally leaves. Therefore, we have brought you a list of some career skills which will help you shape your career in the post-pandemic world.

Flexible and adaptable approach – With the pandemic going on one of the most appreciated and needed qualities that employers are going to seek is flexibility and adaptability. Also, flexibility no more means just switching the locations and being available at odd hours. We need to be prepared for jobs and tasks that do not exist yet. Pandemic made it all about having an open mindset to work under all sorts of stress and pressure, adjusting to the new and unexpected tasks and responsibilities.

Tech-Savvy – Well, to be honest, digital skills and excellence used to be priorities of employers even before the pandemic. With things getting digitalised every second, it is better to learn technology and let it help you with your performance in your working space. Students from every field need to have futuristic skills to prepare themselves for any career throughout their lives. Data literacy, programming and coding, big data, the cloud, Artificial intelligence, digital marketing skills and so much more are making it big in the digital world.

Communication and social networking – No job in the world does not need a genuine human connection. The more you connect with your co-workers, the more you understand them the better you will perform and fetch genuine appreciation. Additionally, you will observe yourself growing and learning not just in your career path but also as a human being.

Being aware of your co-workers, showing them empathy, understanding them, and helping them when people feel uneasy will be a very required behavior in every office and working space once the pandemic gets over.

Critical thinking and Problem-solving ability – In a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, it was found out that 37% of the employers considered problem-solving and critical thinking among the top soft skills candidates lacked. Now that we live in the times of fake news and controversial visuals and data everywhere around, having the ability to think critically will surely get you closer to your dream job.

Creativity and Innovation – We always need to push our limits and need to think outside the box no matter what career we are striving in. Across every industry and field, being creative will only help you perform better and help in improving your relations with the other co-workers. Coming up with new and innovative ideas will place you significantly above the others and help you ace and steer through your challenges and opportunities.

Leadership – Leadership is commonly associated with job roles like manager, supervisor, and similar roles, but it is always more than supervising and managing others. Learning to understand your co-workers, encouraging them, embracing their feedback, and communicating with them regularly will be helpful in the world once the pandemic is over. With all that grief and stress that COVID-19 has put us through, the least we can do to create a better space to work in is by helping each other emotionally and understanding them.

So those were some of the skills that you may need to excel once you step out to set your foot on your career paths once the pandemic Is over.

The author is Founder, High School Moms and International Alliance of Counsellors and Educators

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